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This section of the web site began in September 2000, when local history enthusiast Peter Clarke and I began contributing articles for a regular feature in the Community News (formerly the Romiley and Marple Mail), under the banner "Local History and Heritage with the Marple Website". We stopped in November 2002 following disagreements with the paper about how they were editing and presenting the articles. The Community News ceased publication not long after.

Although new articles have been rare since then, this area of the web site continues to attract a lot of interest from people using search engines to investigate their family history and the like. It is also an area that I would like to continue expanding and since beginning to delve into Marple Local History Society's archives for the Virtual Tour in late 2009, a couple of new ones have been inspired. The first of these of these was about a massive fatal explosion at what is now the Dolce Vita restaurant and the latest is the reproduction of Gordon Mills' Marple's Changing Face video.

The have also been a couple of new articles submitted by visitors to the site and this is something I would like to encourage. If anyone is interested in contributing additional local history stories then I would be delighted to hear from you, so please get in touch using the Contact page.

Mark Whittaker - The Marple Website.

Tales from the archives of Marple Local History Society:


Article Title Created by
 September 2014 - Marple's Changing Face Gordon Mills
November 2011 - Marple Memories with Trixie Gough Gordon Mills
November 2011 - Memories of Marple with Fred Winterbottom Gordon Mills
March 2011 - Memories of Marple with Barbara Hambleton Gordon Mills
January 2011 - Memories of Mellor with Tom Oldham Gordon Mills and Stanley Knott
October 2010 - Monty - A Marple Connection Audrey Featherstone
December 2009 - Fatal Explosion at the Dolce Vita! Mark Whittaker

Other sources:


Article Title Created by
 June 2016 - Memories of Old Marple Hannah Robinson
  June 2015 - Memories of Bowden Lane Selma Fielding
 September 2013 - Memories of a WWII Evacuee at Woodville Hall Vera Linihan
 April 2013 - Marple man in High Lane Drama (1959) North Cheshire Herald
 May 2012 - My Childhood 1932 - 1946 John Ingham
May 2011 - History of Rose Hill Station Friends of Rose Hill Station
April 2011 - Recollections of a Village (Hawk Green) Pt1 Alan Proctor
February 2017 - Recollections of a Village (Hawk Green) Pt2 Alan Proctor
December 2010 - Mrs Sokill's Memories of Marple Arthur Procter
November 2010 - Francis Brindley and the Brindleys of Marple Noel Brindley
November 2010 - Memories of Marple Children's Orthopaedic Hospital Ken Chaisty

Local History & heritage articles published in the Community News:


Article Title Created by
December 2002 - The Marple of Christmas Past Peter Clarke
November 2002 - Marple Remembers Ian Rice
October 2002 - An Away-Day to Marple? Mark Whittaker
September 2002 - Not a Bridge too Far Peter Clarke
August 2002 - Out and About Again Peter Clarke
July 2002 - The Lime Kilns Mark Whittaker
June 2002 - 40 Years of Fun Mark Whittaker
May 2002 - St. Martin's - Low Marple Mark Whittaker
April 2002 - Second-hand Bells Mark Whittaker
March 2002 - The Marple Fireman Peter Clarke
February 2002 - Marple's Most Famous Son (Part 2) Mark Whittaker
January 2002 - Marple's Most Famous Son (Part 1) Mark Whittaker
December 2001 - Fascinating Feedback Mark Whittaker
November 2001 - A Trip to Remember Mark Whittaker
October 2001 - For the want of some water...
(The story of Field House)
Peter Clarke
September 2001 - Mellor Mill and Estate Mark Whittaker
August 2001 - A Community to be Relied Upon Peter Clarke
July 2001 - Samuel Oldknow Mark Whittaker
June 2001 - A Spring??? Stroll Peter Clarke
May 2001 - Marple Hall Sale
Feedback from Readers
Mark Whittaker
April 2001 - From Tearooms to Terminator Peter Clarke
March 2001 - Marple Tramway
Feedback from Readers
Mark Whittaker
February 2001 - Joe Goodwin - A Marple Hero
Ancient Artefact found in local field
Peter Clarke
January 2001 - Marple Hall Glass
War Memorial Park Dedication
& Coat of Arms from Marple Hall
Mark Whittaker
December 2000 - Hollins Mill - Disappeared without trace? Peter Clarke
November 2000 - Aqueduct Bicentenary Mark Whittaker
October 2000 - Marple's Lusitania Connection Peter Clarke

September 2000 -

Marple Hall Shutters Mark Whittaker