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Local Heritage Projects

Several years ago The Marple Website became active in trying to protect and save our local heritage and to encourage interest in Marple's local history. We felt it was time somebody started actually making the physical effort to do something, rather than just complaining that something should be done. We've successfully completed a number of projects and have several others ongoing in various stages of completion. This page has been created to link together all these projects and heritage related issues, including those being undertaken by others which we believe are worthy of our support.

We are keen to support any project, large or small, that will preserve any aspect of Marple's heritage. If you are an individual or part of an organisation with similar objectives to our own and have a project you would like to include on the site, please get in touch.

Mellor Mill Painting

Help Mellor Archaeological Trust secure this painting for display in Marple Library (more...)

For many years an engraving based on a painting of Mellor Mill graced the Council Chamber of Marple UDC. Since the move into Stockport, it has hung in Marple Library. The original painting is by the famous Manchester artist, Joseph Parry (1744-1826). In 1997, it came on the market at a Sotheby’s auction. The painting was later bought from a dealer by Sean White, who shared images of the painting with The Marple Website in 2006. The painting is now available to the M.A.T. and they are raising fund to purchase it.

Marple Civic Society Archives to be added to the Virtual Tour (more...)

Marple Civic Society have been taking photographs of local buildings, street scenes and landscapes around Marple and District since the 1970s. With a particular focus on listed buildings, they have built up a huge collect of fascinating black and white and colour images. Until recently these had been only been accessible to their members but in October 2008 we are delighted to announce that the Society have agreed to share their photographic archives with us and the rest of the local community through the Marple Website's "Virtual Tour".

Replica WW1 Memorial Plaque (more...)

On Sunday 11th November 2007, immediately after the normal Remembrance Day Service, a new granite memorial plaque paid for by the Marple Website was unveiled to commemorate the fact that the Bowling Green Shelter was erected in 1923 by the ex-servicemen of Marple in memory of their comrades who did not return home from WW1.

Rescue of the Marple Liberal Club sign (more...)

In 2006, when Peter & Sue Clarke took over the Ring o' Bells public house, the Marple Liberal Club sign that disappeared several years earlier made an unexpected reappearance. Here's the story of how it was tracked down and recovered from Wales and restored so that it could be put on public display in Marple once more, where it belongs.

Erection of Marple Hall print in Marple Library (more...)

In June 2005 we recovered a huge print of Marple Hall from the offices of Park & Paterson Ltd. the firm on Cross Lane, Marple, that has now closed down. Far too big to grace either of our own homes, we managed to negotiated a prime spot for it above the stairs in Marple Library. After a lot of cleaning and a little restoration we erected the print in its new home on Saturday 13th August 2005.

Recovery of millstone from Flowerdew Mill (more...)

In the autumn of 2002 MAVIS managed to achieve a project we had all but given up on two years earlier. Back in April 2000 we were told by a Marple Ex-Pat living in Germany of a mill stone buried near the River Goyt. At the time we were unable to locate it - not surprisingly it turned out - as we were looking in the wrong place! After stumbling across it accidentally a team of volunteers was organised to recover it.

Restoration of the Stocks in Memorial Park (more...)

We enlisted the skills of local carpenter, bricklayer and all round handyman Tony Heginbotham once again. This time Tony turned his hand to recreating the wooden sections of the stocks and they were replaced in May 2004 after being missing for many years. Much to our amusement a potential candidate turned up just as Tony was applying the final touches!

Rebuilding of Jolly Sailor Mounting Steps (more...)

After the final efforts to save the Jolly Sailor failed at the appeal in January 2003 we kept watch for the start of demolition work, hoping that we could at least save the mounting steps. Thankfully, mainly due to the efforts of Peter Clarke, this was achieved and the steps were rebuilt in September and a plaque added in October 2003.

Rebuilding of Dry Stone Wall near Brickbridge (more...)

Over the May Day Bank Holiday in 2003 MAVIS sprang into action again when a group of volunteers rebuilt a large section of the dry stone wall around the gateway to the rear of All Saints' Church, near Brickbridge on the Peak Forest Canal. The wall, which was probably built around 200 years ago, had been damaged by erosion and vandalism and was at risk of being lost completely.

Restoration of Helen Winterson Clock (more...)

We can't claim any credit for this one, but it was such a great idea we had to include it. Judi Winterson, owner of Helen Winterson's Ladies Fashions, decided to have the clock above their premises in Market Street renovated to celebrate Helen Winterson's fiftieth year in business in Marple. A great achievement and a fantastic way to commemorate it.

A Memorial to Samuel Oldknow (more...)

At the end of 2002, after learning that an overhaul of the entrance to Memorial Park was planned in the new year, we decided the time was right to announce a proposal that we had been saving for quieter times. This was to move Oldknow's marble memorial plaque, hidden under the stairs in the old All Saints' church tower, to a prominent public location. Our proposal has been well received, however, there are technical and financial hurdles to overcome before it can be achieved.

Mellor Well Dig (more...)

In the summer of 2001 MAVIS was back in action after rising to the challenge from Ann Hearle, Chairman of Marple Local History Society, to investigate what might be lying at the bottom of the ancient well in the fields near her home at the Old Vicarage in Mellor. Knowing that a machine gun from WWII had been discovered during earlier investigations the prospect of finding something interesting was too strong to resist.

The Iron Bridge Restoration Project

The Marple Website's most ambitious project to date, we've been campaigning for the restoration of the Iron Bridge in Brabyns Park since June 2001. A group has been formed with Marple Local History Society and Stockport Council's Parks and Conservation teams to find ways to fund the restoration. To learn how this project is progressing visit our Iron Bridge Campaign Diary

Removal of the conifers around the War Memorial

In spring 2001 our first campaign of this kind was led by Peter Clarke, who persuaded Marple's Area Committee to approve the removal of the unsightly conifers around the memorial to the Marple dead of World Wars I and II in Memorial Park. The campaign was supported by the Marple British Legion, sadly no longer in existence, and the work was done in time for Remembrance day 2001.

Local History & Heritage in the..

Local History Articles in the Community News (more...)

From September 2000 to December 2002 we contributed a series of 28 articles entitled 'Local History and Heritage with The Marple Website' to the local free paper, the Community News. We received a fantastic response from readers of the paper and enjoyed visiting many people who got in touch with us because of the articles. All of these, and stories of the feedback we received from readers, are published on the web site.

Recovery of Foundation Stone from the River Goyt (more...)

In May 2000 we organised our first volunteer activity and the informal group known as MAVIS (Marple's Active Volunteer Initiative Squad) was born. The team recovered what turned out to be a foundation stone from a Boy's School and Parish Institute in Monsal. The stone had been spotted during a clean up after one of the Fire Brigade's Duck Races several years earlier.

Restoration of Marple Hall Shutters (more...)

In March 2000 an opportunity presented itself to recover a small part of Marple's lost heritage. As a result of the local history pages on the web site six oak shutters were given to us with the proviso that something fitting be done with them. The shutters were restored and put on display in Marple Library with photographs of the stained glass from the entrance of the hall. An article about this was featured in the Marple & Romiley Mail.