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Author Topic: What about the College?  (Read 4088 times)

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What about the College?
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2012, 07:38:14 AM »
This statement is taken from the Kirkland web site:

What about the College?
Kirkland Developments recognise the importance of the redevelopment of the College to residents in Marple. As a local company, Kirkland was involved in the initial stages of bidding for the College redevelopment, prior to the Chadwick Site becoming available for a foodstore proposal. Kirkland's initial bid for the redevelopment of Marple College included a residential and leisure scheme for the Hibbert Lane site. During this bidding process, Kirkland was in a position to understand the requirements of bringing forward a redevelopment of the College. As such, the company believes that if a town centre store was approved, the Marple College redevelopment is still possible without Asda. Proposing new homes at Hibbert Lane, as opposed to a foodstore, combined with the return generated by a store at Chadwick Street, will provide a sum that could be used to redevelop Marple College.

Kirkland has not brought forward proposals for Hibbert Lane but has looked carefully into the potential for new College facilities without approval for the Asda proposals, in recognition of Marple College's ambitions and to reassure residents that approval for Kirkland's town centre store proposals will not mean the College is sidelined.

As an example, Kirkland has worked on the indicative proposal below, showing new homes at Hibbert Lane alongside new facilities for Marple College.

It refers to an indicative proposal "below" but it isn't on the site (as far as I can see). However, it was on display at the consultation and I asked them for a copy to put on here. If / when it arrives I will add it.

A while ago I posted the above and advised that I had asked Kirkland for a copy of the artwork displayed at the consultation. They have now sent it through (and it is also on their own site):

It is shown at 600 pixels wide below but if you click the link underneath you will see a 1000 pixel wide version.

Mark Whittaker
The Marple Website