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Author Topic: Hawk Green Reading Room Part Time Hall Manager Job  (Read 1113 times)

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Hawk Green Reading Room Part Time Hall Manager Job
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Hawk Green Reading Room Part Time Hall Manager

A part time Hall Manager (estimated average 3hrs / week) is wanted to help secure the future functioning of this community facility.

The person appointed will work as part of a team with the volunteer committee.

This is a hands on job and the person we are seeking needs to be able to deal with practical issues and build up a good rapport with regular users.

The hours are flexible due to the nature of the job.

We are offering a remuneration of £2,400 per annum.

Hawk Green Reading Room - Background

Hawk Green Reading Room is a community facility founded in 1906 originally for the use of workers in the Mill. It is currently managed by a voluntary committee and offers a meeting place for numerous clubs and societies as well as private functions. The committee is dedicated to maintaining it, and in order to do so we are seeking a part time Hall Manager to help secure its future functioning.

Hall Manager – Job Specification

1. The Hall Manager will have overall responsibility in liaison with the Committee to ensure that the Reading Room remains in good order and is safe for all users. They would be asked to make a report to the committee at their annual meeting.

2 The Hall Manager will have ongoing responsibility for the general maintenance of the building and grounds. This will include responsibility for:

a. Handling any minor repairs that lie within his/her competence but being able (after consultation with the officers of the committee) to arrange for professional help with any more serious problems which arise.

b. Ongoing general maintenance of the building including changing light bulbs, setting the heating, managing the door key codes, keeping the access path free from leaves and ice and keeping the notice board up to date.

c. Regular weekly visit to the facility (Note: The Reading Room Committee already employ an excellent cleaner and the Hall Manager will need to liaise closely with her. They also employ a window cleaner, and a gardener who comes on a quarterly basis.)

3. The Hall Manager will be available to be a point of first contact for users experiencing any immediate problems, (e.g. heating not coming on, problems with the door etc.) Whilst regular and casual bookings are all initially dealt with by members of the committee, the manager will be expected to arrange for access to the Reading room and deal with any practicalities which arise including the tidying away of tables and chairs if necessary

4. The Hall Manager will oversee any major work that has been agreed by the Committee and liaise with Treasurer regarding payments for the work.

5. In order to fulfil their responsibilities the Hall Manager will need to have internet access for communication purposes.

Hawk Green Reading Room – Hall Manager: Terms and Conditions of Employment

1. Job Title – Hall Manager (Permanent Position)

2. The Hall Manager – will report to the Chairman of the Hawk Green Reading Room Committee from whom they will obtain any necessary instructions.

3. Place of Work – Hawk Green Reading Room, Marple, plus dealing with any administrative work and telephone calls at home.

4. Hours – The number of hours worked will depend upon what is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract. The Hall Manager will receive a remuneration of £2400 per annum paid on a monthly basis to take account of the variability of the workload which is estimated at an average of 3 hours a week.

5. Probationary period. there will be a probationary period of three months.  As this is an entirely new post, we will carry out regular reviews where any problems can be mutually discussed.

6. Remuneration – will be paid at the rate of £200 per month.

7. Annual Leave – Holidays will be arranged by mutual agreement.

8. If unable to work - the Hall Manager must notify the chairman as soon as practicable.

9. There are no pension rights attached to the post.

10. Termination – this contract may be ended by the employee or the employer giving a minimum of 4 weeks notice.

Full details, contact details for enquiries and an application form is attached.

Use this link if you can't see the attached file: https://www.marple-uk.com/hgrr-hall-manager-application.pdf

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