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Author Topic: "Music (and a good tea room) hath charms to soothe the savage breast"  (Read 2587 times)

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Do go for the afternoon tea - we went and it was great!  Far better that the 'posh' one we were given as a birthday present at a hotel in Manchester.  ;)


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This reads more like a blog of your day rather than a recommendation of The Plaza.

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"Music (and a good tea room) hath charms to soothe the savage breast"
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Not strictly Marple so read and then zap if it shouldn't be here - but I hope you don't as I think it's worth a mention

After a horrendous morning in Stockport - Halifax making me stand in a queue at the "Help Desk" (hollow laugh) for 20 minutes to get a bank statement from an extremely rude assistant, while two counter attendants with no customers sat gossiping - Then a visit to the family solicitors to make an appointment to see one of them but they've moved (to Buxton, apparently!!!) without notifying clients and, according to the waitresses in the cafe next door, I wasn't the only one to be looking for them!

Nursing a strong desire to rip my solicitor's head off and strangle the Halifax "assistant", I took myself off to the Plaza Cinema Cafe in Mersey Square. Restored to its former 1930s glory, calming atmosphere, pleasant and attentive (but not "pushy") waitresses in black and white outfits (and sometimes a Major Domo in morning dress!), white linen tablecloths and Lloyd Loom arm-chairs, china table ware, a choice of delicious sandwiches, snacks and a range of teas and coffees (I had a pot of the "Plaza Blend" tea - good and strong. Just what I needed!! Top-ups offered by passing waitress) and a selection of of home-made cakes and scones. All this and Al Bowlly and Ray Noble's Orchestra playing softly in the background.

Absolute heaven. I left thinking that I might only black the solicitor's eye when I catch up with him!

Definitely going back - probably to treat myself, friend and God-daughter to the special afternoon tea to celebrate our birthdays. I think afternoon frocks and hats may be the choice of dress  ;)