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Bad customer service
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2005, 11:05:00 PM »
On the 25th July this year, I ordered a new telephone installation from a national supplier. I was informed that the phone would be fitted on the 12th August, subject to a survey. The survey and the fitting,would probably be done on the same day

On the 12th August I travelled 120 miles in order to keep the apppointment with the engineers, one of which duly arrived, he was going to fit the phone. When he inquired as to whther the survey had been done, I told him that I was informed that it would be done at the same time. The engineer told me that he could not wire up the phone, until the cable had been secured to the premises from the phone outlet manhole some twenty feet away. He left saying that he would return when this work was done, suggesting to me it could be the same day or in a few days time.

I am still waiting to hear from the telephone company either by post, telephone or email and have been left high and dry.

I have sent emails twice now, copies to national chairman at HQ, all to no avail.

Today I rang again and asked what progress was being made, I eventually got through to a human voice after pressing this, that and the other button only to be met by a male person, who was totally disinterested, would not put me through to a supervisor or manager and seemed hell bent on winding me up and gave me the impression that he just did not want to help me. I had to break off my phone call with him in order to keep a dental appointment, but I was so annoyed and my blood pressure was well up as a result of his intransigent attitude.

When I returned home, I rang the telephone company again, to pursue my complaint and my inquiry into the outstanding job.

On this occasion I was attended to by a most charming well mannered man, who gave the impression of being seriously concerned about my complaint, he assured me that my complaint would be fully investigated and that my allegation of rudeness would be fully investigated. He has promised to cause for an investigation into the job progress and that he will return my call tommorow with answers for me.

I felt satisfied and pleased by the way he dealt with me.

That man was at the telephone customer service dept. in INDIA, he certainly outshone his british counterparts.