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Jabberjacks are starting classes in Marple for pre-school children on Thursday 15th September at the United Reform Church on Hibbert Lane Marple. Classes are term time only and run every Thursday 9.45am to 10.15am for 18mths to 2yrs+ & 10.30am to 11.15am for 2yrs to 4yrs+.
What is Jabberjacks all about ?

By stimulating the children's interest in a group situation , Jabberjacks aims to develop the following skills :

·      learning to listen to others

·      taking turns  and  sharing

·      having a feeling of security in a group

·      speaking up in a group

·      co-operating with their peer group

·      using their imagination both physically and verbally

·      practicing verbal skills and vocabulary

·      developing muscular co-ordination and rhythmic ability

·      developing self-confidence and self- discipline

But the best thing of all is that Jabberjacks is simply a great deal of fun !

Children are grouped according to age , and the duration and cost of each class varies accordingly.

18 months ? 2+ years 30 minutes £4.00 per session

2 years ? 3+ years     45 minutes  £4.50 per session

3+ years - 5 years     55 minutes  £5.00 per session

If after attending a trial session you decide you would like your child to join Jabberjacks, you will be asked to pay an initial registration fee of £8. Class fees are payable each half-term, in advance,  in order to secure your child's place. On joining Jabberjacks you will receive a t-shirt. Please encourage your child to wear it to the classes as it will give them a sense of belonging and will help them to anticipate their  arrival at the class right from when they get up in the morning.

For the younger age groups , parents / carers are  encouraged to support the children by joining in with the activities , thereby boosting the children's' confidence and giving them the chance to repeat or further develop the activities at home.

Children in the 3+ - 5  years age group are initially accompanied by their parent / carer , especially when it is their first experience of Jabberjacks .  When they feel confident enough they are encouraged to attend the classes on their own

Classes are designed to  offer a structured but flexible program with plenty of variety to keep the children interested and  each class will include some of the following:

 Action and finger rhymes                   Game songs

Music and movement                         Stories          

Dance                                            Parachute play  

Puppets                                          Playing musical instruments

Classes are based around the Jabberjacks treasure box which the children can only open by singing the magic Jabberjacks song. Each week the box will contain lots of different treasure which will stimulate the activities for that session . As well as new and exciting things to see and do each week there's also plenty of familiar song, rhymes and games, in order to build the children's confidence and to develop their learning.

I would be delighted if you would include these details on you r website

Sue Wright  tel no 01625 540999

Mark Whittaker
The Marple Website