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Netta & Harold Wood lived in Marple until the early 1950s when they emigrated to Australia and lived in Wollangong, New South Wales. They were great friends of my parents. My mother died in 2011 and I was unable to find Netta and Harold's address to let them know. Then just before last Christmas I came across a box of old Christmas cards including one from Netta & Harold sent to my mother in 1997 after my father's death. I planned to write to them at the address on the card to tell them of my mother's death but I can't find the card with the address.

This is pretty much a long shot but does anyone remember them? Are either of them still alive? (I think they would be in their 90s.) As far as I know Netta & Harold didn't have any children but I wonder if there are any nieces and/or nephews still in Marple? If you recognise the name and they are still living and you think they would like to hear from me, please get in touch.

Thank you.

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