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Please don't think that I am having another go at smokers.

I get increasingly annoyed, when often I see a bus or coach driver smoking a cigarette whilst actually driving.

I understand at one time that this practise was illegal, because if the gig when down his or her shirt or smoke got in eyes the consequences could be disastrous..Is this still the case?

Stage buses and many coaches clearly display to passengers that smoking is not allowed and a smoker could be fined for doing so, so why should the driver smoke causing annoyance  creating a risk of danger to the passengers.

Whilst on the subject of coach and bus drivers, I use to be one. The company that employed me had a strict dress code for the drivers. Before being issued with a uniform that consisted of jacket trousers, shirt and company tie, we had to wear smart casual IE a jacket with a tie and amongst the team of drivers, there was rivalry as to who could have the cleanest shoes. This created a sense of pride in ourselves, our clean vehicles and the company that employed us.

Smoking at the wheel was a disciplinary offence and treated very seriously with the risk of dismissal.

If any driver applicant had the idea that he could drive one of our vehicles, wearing a tee shirt, jeans and trainers and a baseball cap then he would quickly see the error of his intentions.

So you see, when I see a dirty bus or coach, that is carrying passengers and a driver with a fag in his mouth and sometimes telephone in his hand, complete with base ball cap and tee shirt, I say to myself " If that is how that bus company allows drivers to represent them, what is that company's attitude to safety of the vehicles". Just a thought.