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Catering for Marple/Connect2
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2011, 09:09:54 AM »
Having pestered anyone I came across in Officialdom during the last ten years or more to have a signboard erected at the Rosehill entrance to the Middlewood Way, and being repeatedly told there is no money available for a notice board, Stockport has finally found the money to put one up during this era of major cut-backs.  What is needed for people coming from elsewhere to use the Middlewood Way is to be told there are cafes etc just up the road, and that there are interesting places to visit such as Roman Lakes, Etherow Country Park and the Canal System etc. So what has Stockport MBC done, put in another of their expensive self advertisements which exhort you to behave properly, and if you want to know anything there is a telephone number you can use, but of course not after working hours or at the weekend. IN reality totally useless. No doubt they can tick yet another box so they can claim to be a well run Council, but when will they do anything for the residents and businesses that pay their wages, and how can our local Councillors let them waste money in this way? Only today I met a chap from Bollington doing the same as practically everyone else does that comes from that direction, he took one look at the Council Refuse tip and was about to turn back. I chatted with him for a while mentioning Etherow Country Park and the Aqueduct and he said that he would certainly bring his wife to see them. If we really want to see Marple thrive, e.g. the cafes not closing down every so often etc, then we must get a grip on those in Authority and get them to cater for Marple and not just their own self publicity.