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Re: City Cycling Ambition Grant
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2013, 02:13:43 AM »
Councillor Roberts has now replied to me and the Cheadle proposal is not related to the Cycle City Grants which are still under discussion. However I have been told that there is the impression that Transport for Greater Manchester, who administer the grant, are becoming less interested on the Connect2 Extension and are considering further changes in the Gatley area. Whilst any cycling improvement is welcome, cyclists believe the greatest value for money and benefit to cyclists in these austerity times is to create the Connect2 Extension which being a mainly off road route is likely to encourage far more people to take up cycling than dealing with, say, a difficult junction that is dependent on many other factors before being really beneficial. Furthermore this money is allocated to Stockport and should be used to encourage more people to cycle to Stockport, whereas the Gatley area proposal largely caters for people wanting to travel to Manchester. Let us hope our Councillors ensure this money is spent for the benefit of Stockport and not Manchester.


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Re: City Cycling Ambition Grant
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I have already spoken to the Leader about this Roy but I agree the more the better


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City Cycling Ambition Grant
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The Government has provided some money to encourage cycling in the Cities and their suburbs. At Stockport MBC's Cycle User Group meeting there was overwhelming support for the Rosehill to Chadkirk section of Connect2 to be extended into Stockport with possible links to Aquinas College, Stockport College and Stockport Station.

I have just heard that, ignoring the wishes of cyclists, this money is likely to be spent in Cheadle where any improvements made are unlikely to create any great increase in cycling and will have far fewer benefits to the community in general, such as local businesses for example, than would have been achieved with the Connect2 extension. I have of course written to Councillor Roberts, who appears to be the lead Councillor in this decision making, objecting to this proposal but as a cyclist having already been ignored it is unlikely to have any effect.

Unfortunately with Cyclists needs having been ignored for so many years any improvement can be considered vital, but it is only cyclists who realise what is practically beneficial as most improvements, though probably necessary, frequently only really become beneficial when many other improvements have also been made. The Connect2 is the only improvement that does not rely on many other difficult situations being overcome. This is a golden opportunity not only for Marple residents to have off road cycle access into Stockport and its colleges, but also for Marple businesses to benefit from additional visitors to the area.

If you can help change this Councillors mind, cyclists and many others will be very grateful.