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Improving Marple
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2003, 01:46:47 PM »
Surely it couldnt be called the middlewood way after rosehill??

The reason its called the Middlewood way at the moment is because it is on the routd of the old railway line that used to run from Rosehill to Macclesfield via middlewood!  SO therefore the bit from Rosehill to Compstall couldnt be called the middlewood way it wouldnt fit?  What about the Marple Way or something else as bizzarre

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Improving Marple
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2003, 01:31:33 PM »
Rosehill to Compstall Route.

The advantage of this Route is that it is practically already there and merely needs signing, however if Stockport is to raise its image then some work needs to be done to make it really acceptable.

The route can be followed with the aid of an AtoZ.

Leaving the Council’s Waste Disposal Point at Rosehill the route crosses Stockport Rd. via a Pedestrian crossing and enters Dale Rd.  From here it turns into Bowden Lane. Shortly after entering Bowden Lane there is a traditional footpath running through the Ley Hey Estate and round the back of the Cricket Field until itemerges at Grosvenor Road . Walkers would take this route whilst Cyclists would continue along Bowden Lane and into Norbury Drive and Oakdene Road until they are reunited with the Walkers at Grosvenor Rd.

Grosvenor Rd. leads down to the Canal with its attractions of the Aqueduct and the Flight of Locks. British Waterways are already considering placing an Information Board here. Further Information could direct Leisure Users back into Marple via the Memorial Park giving access to the Cafes etc. or in the other direction to Romiley & Chadkirk Chapel.

The Canal is crossed by a Footbridge and the Route descends into Brabyns Park by means of some steep steps. At present these are not ideal even for an unencumbered walker and are almost impossible for anyone with a Pushchair or Cycle. It was here that the Environment Agency were willing to contribute £10,000 to make the access suitable for everyone including the disabled, however the Council thought otherwise.

Heading towards Brabyns Park the Route crosses the Railway and there is a possibility that Sustrans could source money to provide a second entrance to the Station thus giving local people a more pleasant entry to the Station than having to deal with Brabyns Brow,  and provide Rail Users with immediate access to Brabyns Park and the Route.

The route down into the Park is already there but will need re-surfacing to make it really acceptable. Once in the Park Leisure Users can be directed to the attractive area of Marple Bridge with its Pubs, Cafes, Bookshop, Art gallery etc. or onwards to cross the Hopefully Restored Iron Bridge and thence into Etherow Country Park, which must make a considerably more attractive terminus for the Middlewood Way than the current Council Refuse Tip.


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Improving Marple
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2003, 08:25:07 AM »
Sounds like a good idea, but what route would the cycle way take from Rose Hill to Brabyns?

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Improving Marple
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2003, 11:43:50 AM »
We must congratulate those who are aiming to restore the Iron Bridge in Brabyns Park. However has it ever been considered how more people could get pleasure from seeing this bridge.   For a similar number of years Cyclists in the area have been campaigning to get the Middlewood Way extended through to Compstall.  About 2 years ago the Environment Agency offered to provide £10,000 to provide better access from the canal into Brabyns Park - the only real dissincentive on this route. The Council decided this money would be better spent surveying a route from Rosehill to Stockport - a route that would require considerably more money than was likely to become available.  At the Cyclists User Group we were given to understand that £100,000 had been set aside to create a route from Rosehill to Compstall. This would provide Safe Routes to Schools for Marple Hall and Ridge College Students - possibly reducing the school run chaos.  Undoubtedly it would bring additional income to small traders in Marple, Marple Bridge etc. from people using the Middlewood Way who at present are put off once they reach the Councils Waste Disposal point. If you think Safe Routes,  increased business and a higher profile for Marple is a good idea please support your local cyclists by lobbying your local Councillors.