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Access all NHS online health info from one website
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Source: Department of Health
Published Wednesday, 22 October, 2008 - 16:37
From the end of October, the public will be able to access all NHS online health information from one website,
The NHS’s two primary national websites, NHS Choices ( and NHS Direct ( ) are joining forces to provide a comprehensive ‘front door’ to all available online health information and services.
The two online services were established originally with different, yet complementary objectives: NHS Direct provides health advice and information to people in England 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whilst NHS Choices promotes well-being and informed decision making about healthcare providers. Bringing both together is a logical step that will enhance the public’s experience and create the most comprehensive online health service in the UK on
 All NHS Direct online health content will now be available on including the following popular services:
    * Self Help Guide – provides users with a quick and easy way of checking their symptoms and deciding whether they need to seek health advice
    * Health Encyclopedia - giving reliable information on more than 800 conditions and treatments.
    * Common Health Questions – allows users to obtain answers to topical and frequently asked health questions
    * Online Enquiry Service – users can submit and receive answers to non-emergency health questions
NHS Direct will continue to provide a telephone service on 0845 4647 for the public and patients providing health advice and information. The self-help guide and online enquiry service will continue to be delivered and made available via the NHS Direct website.