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Why Bother
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2006, 12:40:50 PM »
Alan, I agree entirely with you on everything that you have written except for 'small minded ignorant minority', surely this should be 'majority'?


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Why Bother
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2006, 06:35:28 PM »
It, seems to have been very quiet in here lately so I though I would get a few things off my chest...again.

In there wisdom-and in the interest of road safety, the powers that be introduce various regulations for the well being and safety of the community eg.

Double yellow and single roadside lines with appropriate signs stating either no parking at all, or hours of restriction, in order to assist the smooth passage of vehicular traffic thus avoiding delays, obstructions etc. Parking space is always available in Marple either free or at a charge.

I was furious today after having paid to use a car park, to see a Stockport MBC Transit type vehicle park up on the double lines outside Archers and the lady driver in the queue waiting for her pies. She left the shop put the pies in her vehicle and then proceeded to look into a shop window next door. Had I done this and the traffic attendant came along, I would probably have been given a financial penalty.

I politely and courteously told the driver that I thought it not unreasonable of me to expect representatives of the borough, no matter in what capacity, to set an example and that regulations should not be flaunted in this way, I am not allowed to do it and neither are they!.

Some people might say " is that all you have got to moan about" and I would say why do we have these rules, do we want or need them after all we elected the representatives to act on our behalf.

Or should we not bother!

How often have you seen the buses at the Hollins with there rear end stuck out into following traffic? just because some selfish driver has parked in the bus stop, so they can call into the Bank, Off license, Gregg's or now the bookies. This causes obstruction to the views of motorist traveling in both directions, particularly when approaching the pedestrian crossing.

Am I wrong to moan about this?

or Should we not bother?

How often do you see adults, mothers and children crossing against the red man at the pedestrian crossing, sometimes oblivious to traffic as they cross whilst carrying out a conversation on mobile phones.

What sort of an example does this set for the younger generation, perhaps we should introduce the American way and set heavy fines if caught crossing on red.

Or should we just not bother!

How often do you see the zig zags ignored at the crossing by the post office, causing an obstruction of a clear view of the crossing. Are these lines there to signify that we cause danger to pedestrians by parking there and we risk being fined.

I remonstrated with a motorist recently after he stopped on the zig-zags, he said get a life and whats it got to do with me.

I told him I had a life and I want to keep it, it had a lot do do with me because the lines are there to protect me, from the actions hopefully of small minded ignorant minority.

Does it matter, is it just me

Or should we not bother?

Have a nice day