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Author Topic: COVID Flag Pole Memorial in Marple Memorial Park  (Read 492 times)

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COVID Flag Pole Memorial in Marple Memorial Park
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COVID Flag Pole Memorial in Marple Memorial Park

Friends of Marple Memorial Park are working on a COVID Commemoration Project with Stockport Council to create a permanent memorial in the park to commemorate those we have lost and to celebrate the way the Marple Community came together to help one another during the pandemic.

One of the things in the park we associate most with the pandemic is the flag pole where we flew the NHS flags to thank key workers.

Our proposal developed from this and the fact that the flag-pole is nearing the end of its life. Our plan is to combine a new flag-pole with the integration of a small monument with commemorative plaque built in front of it.

We are now seeking feedback on this idea from the local community and would particularly like to know what message local people would like the inscription to convey. All comments should be made using the form on the Friends of the Park web site please:


Mark Whittaker
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