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Author Topic: New board for May 2016 Councillor Elections & Council Matters  (Read 2691 times)

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New board for May 2016 Councillor Elections & Council Matters
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2015, 07:39:23 AM »
Prompted by some recent threads and following the success of creating a separate board for the May 2015 elections, this new board has been set up for discussing the May 2016 local councillor elections, when the two existing long-serving and experienced Councillors Alexander and Candler will retire, leaving the field open for new candidates of all parties and backgrounds. It also seems to be a good place to segrate threads about local council issues and topics that we might like to see our local councillors contributing to.

Of course it would be great if all the candidates themselves were to register on the forum and contribute to the discussions too - we do have at least one on here already but perhaps all of them would be too much to hope for?

Mark Whittaker
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