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Re: Moving House Poll
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2013, 10:24:35 PM »
We have recently moved after 23 years in the same house - we used a well known national company, Pickfords, (who have recently had a tv programme about them) They were fantastic, we used them as they moved us to Marple 23 years ago, and I would recommend them to anyone. They provided packing cartons and wrapping, and packed delicate/ valuable stuff for us - I packed the rest  by choice. Our move across the country took 3 days in total, including a packing day, The crew were great, calm and efficient, and nothing was too much trouble. You get what you pay for!


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Re: Moving House Poll
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I think it entirely depends how much stuff you have and how far you are moving. When we first came to Marple we moved ourselves (as we were only coming from Chorlton). Hired a van and packed sensibly. Not too much problem thanks to a couple of mates who helped. But then we didn't have that much stuff.

When we moved again (across Marple) we had a nipper and a lot more stuff. It was too much hassle to do ourselves so we used a removal firm. A little less stressful as they get you in quick, but you still have to un-pack and sort yourself out once they are gone. But on the whole it was worth it - even if they did drop my guitar and break it!

Now we have two nippers and even more stuff I wouldn;t even think about doing it myself.....


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Moving House Poll
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Moving house can be a very stressful business many folk (not all) these days choose the cheapest method, hire a van and DIY. Would you do that or would you hire a removal contractor who is a member of a trade association? There are many good movers who are not and survive by offering good service and reasonable rates. Don't forget about the packing of glassware and china etc, the supply of cartons, the provider of insurance and risk exclusions. I am retired and have an interest in the subject, your views would be welcomed