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easter eggs
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2006, 10:20:26 PM »
Heather this is no joke, she really did.
After taking her to one side and kindly telling her my children was upset, she apologised at once, she said it was done in jest and thought the children realised this  '<img'>

Phew  '<img'>  Now that's cleared up, Happy Easter guys   '<img'>


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easter eggs
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2006, 08:13:10 PM »
i couldnt make my mind up if this was a joke  but if it isnt i would have to say something and ask her to say she was sorry to the children, if she wont i wouldnt take my children to see her again what sort of an example is she setting


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easter eggs
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2006, 04:29:03 PM »
That is no "Yolk" is it???

If it was me, I would have it out with her, the youths of today, older people are too quick to judge their manners etc, when it is the older generation setting a bad example.

I would have been furious also '<img'>

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easter eggs
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2006, 02:22:29 PM »
It's that time of year again, where families meet up and exchange eggs. I was wondering if anyone else has the same love and care given to them as my children had today!
Their lovely Auntie threw their eggs at them!
This Auntie is loved by my children and they worship the ground she walks on, but after today they are heartbroken!

Do you think I should say something to her or just let it pass?

I feel that next time there is a family gathering my children may be rude to her for this, of cause I don't want this to happen, I have told my children they must be polite always even to those who may not be towards them. But they are really upset by the way she threw the eggs at them.

PLEASE PLEASE the people of Marple what should I do? '<img'>