Marple 'Firkin' Challenge


9 June 2007

Another fine day, probably too hot for the competitors, saw the Marple Firefighters' 2nd Firkin Challenge get off to a flying start. This year five teams of four competed to see who could carry a 'Pin' rather than a 'Firkin' full of water to Mellor Cross and back in the fastest time (does that break the trade descriptions act?). The teams were set off from Marple Recreation Ground at 2 minute intervals by retiring Carnival Royalty Anna and Sarah and Carnival Queen Elect Jodie. This was followed by the really hard work of waiting for them to get back - it's not easy for the spectators either you know!

Unfortunately last year's winners, the 'League of non-Gentlemen', couldn't attend to defend their title, some feeble excuse about a stag do abroad apparently! So it was left to last year's runners up, Marple's Firefighting team running under the name of 'Bubble Head', to set the pace. They certainly did that, winning in a new record time of 1 hour 8 minutes and 28 seconds.

Anna, Sarah and Jodie plus incoming Carnival Princess Rebecca presented the teams with their trophies and commemorative glasses and everyone then retired to the Navigation Inn for free beer and sandwiches. The following photographs show the days events in chronological order. Well done to everyone involved!

'No Firkin Way' set off first

Followed by the 'Ladder Crew'

'Whose Firkin Idea Was This?' determined not to trip up

'Bubble Head' clear the first hurdle

and a team with no name, but looking goood!

John Perkins shows it's not easy being a spectator

'Bubble Head' storm home in 1:08:28

Andy tries to remember why he thought this was a good idea

Team with no name still looking good in 1:20:40

well most of 'em are looking good!

'Whose Firkin Idea..' still smiling in 1:28.40

Relief for 'No Firkin Way' in 1:30.39

and the 'Ladder Crew' are cheered home in 1:45:ish

Fancy Dress winners 'Whose Firkin Idea..' with Princess Rebecca

A gallant 5th place to 'Ladder Crew'

Anna and Sarah hold up 4th placed 'No Firkin Way'

'Whose Firkin Idea Was This' take 3rd prize

Why are these empty?

Runners up with no name

Rob Gall raises the winners' trophy

Winners 'Bubble Head' with Carnival Queen Elect Jodie

And with Anna, Sarah, Rebecca and Jodie

Marple 'Firkin' Challenge


10 June 2006

Great weather and a good turnout for Marple's first ever 'Firkin' Challenge. The event was organised by Marple's Firefighters and consisted of teams of up to eight members carrying a 'Firkin' of Ale from Marple Recreation Ground to Mellor Cross and back again in the fastest possible time. Money raised was shared between the Marple Carnival Charities Committee and the Fire Brigade Benevolent Fund.

The five brave teams taking part represented the Hatters' Arms, The Royal Oak (Mellor), The Little Mill at Rowarth, 'The League of Non-gentleman' and Marple Fire Fighters. The teams were set off at five minute intervals by Councillor Shan Alexander and 2006 Carnival Queen Anna and Carnival Princess Sarah.

The event was won in a fantastic time of 1 hour and 13 minutes by the 'League of Non-Gentlemen' but Marple's Firefighters took only 10 seconds longer, and immediately challenged the gents to a return next year. Let's hope that this is the start of a great new Marple Community Event that can grow into something as popular the Raft Race started by the Firefighters many years ago.

The Hatters' Team took 1st prize for the best fancy dress and everyone who took part received a commemorative pint glass and free beer and sandwiches at the Navigation Pub. The winners' Trophy was presented by retiring Carnival Princess Rachel.

Sarah and Anna

And again...

The Hatters' Team set off

The Little Mill Team get set

5 brave men from The Royal Oak, Mellor

The League of Non-Gentlemen

The Firefighters look the part

Dali take a rest from starting the race

The gents finish strongly

The Firefighters look a little warmer

The Royal Oak put on a spurt

Did the Hatters sell their soul to finish?

The Little Mill Team cross the line

The Hatters celebrate finishing

and winning the fancy dress

Will somebody fill the Oak team's glasses?


Runners up by 10 seconds

The ungentlemanly winners

Princess Rachel presents the Trophy

Thank you to Marple Firefighters for organising this excellent event!