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Local author releases debut poetry collection
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A cine film fuelled train ride into the past

I've kindly been given permission by Mark to post this press release about my debut poetry collection - Terraces & Temples.

The book is available at the book's website - and Amazon - and half of the proceeds of each book sale go to help the Wellspring charity in Stockport.

Terraces & Temples is a tribute to my parents, Ernest & Sheila Robinson, who both passed away last year and who some of you on the forum may have known. It’d make a lovely Secret Santa gift for anyone who likes poetry.

Book Description

Terraces & Temples is the debut poetry collection of Stockport based writer John Robinson.

Written over the space of five years the reflective poems in Terraces & Temples deal with common themes of love and loss and are set against a backdrop of the natural world and its ever-changing seasons.

Like a sunlit walk at dusk when your mind begins to wander, Terraces & Temples is gentle, hopeful, meditative and at times heartbreaking. The book looks fondly and unashamedly into the past but is also filled with love and hope for the future.

Whether it's dealing with the gradual illness and loss of a parent, admiring the beauty of snow-covered countryside, reliving a childlike memory of the sea or meditating on his daughter's future, John takes deeply personal and heartfelt experiences and turns them into small universal gifts that the reader can experience and take something from.

Occasionally Terraces & Temples takes a cine film fuelled train ride into the past to evoke kaleidoscopic childhood memories of seaside towns, days out in the country and people, lifestyles and traditions rooted in a different place and a different time.

The thirty-seven poems in Terraces & Temples were inspired by the author's childhood and the canal tow paths and rolling countryside of his home town of Marple.

Some early reviews

"A great selection of poems, wonderfully written. Robinson has the ability to create vivid images with just a few simple lines of prose. "

"A friend sent me this as a gift and I was moved almost to tears by the heartfelt emotions expressed. The themes are ones that very many people can identify with. The language and imagery makes it very accessible to everyone, including those who would not usually think that poems are relevant to their lives. I heartily recommend this collection."

"I love this selection of poetry. Each one of the poems is unique and written from the heart. They are very moving and I can definitely identify with many of the memories and sentiments."

"I found this collection of poems immensely enjoyable, uplifting and heartwarming. With passion and precision, John draws on personal memories and insightful observations to celebrate the joy of childhood, the wonders of nature, family love and the beauty in the mundane."