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Author Topic: Re: Cllr Malcolm Allan: Liberal Democrat Candidate for Marple North 2020  (Read 907 times)

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Re: Cllr Malcolm Allan: Liberal Democrat Candidate for Marple North 2020
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2020, 04:11:05 PM »
I’m hoping a lot of people already know me. I was brought up in Romiley, and I’ve lived in Marple for over 34 years. I also have relatives who live here and my three daughters were all educated in the area. If you don’t know me and you’ve never met me, I’m very happy you check out my reputation with your friends or neighbours or someone in a Community group in Marple.
I work actively with 16 community groups and support another 10 or so via meetings and picking up their issues. I’ve been involved in a lot of initiatives and succeeded at a number of projects. I won’t list them all but they include saving and running our only Community Pub, the “Thumb”, organising the Xmas Tree lighting event in Marple, saving Etherow Park toilets, overturning a Council decision that overlooked traffic and pedestrian safety, and developing plans to save Marple Wharf with a community facility. I’ve campaigned for better early year’s provision, dementia awareness and more action on environmental issues (I have a professional background that includes sustainability and the environment). 

One thing I’m now able to do is to influence things locally and push things along that get stuck or have barriers put in the way. I firmly hold onto the principle that my job as your Councillor is to represent the interests of my fellow residents, and to do that effectively, I aim to be approachable, available, responsive, knowledgeable and fully involved, with a focus on getting things done. I’m actively working on a number of projects for later in the year, including promoting our shops and District Centre, and two environmental initiatives for the area. I’m keen to continue this if people decide to vote for me.
You're one of the best hope you get in again.