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Carver Theatre Online new production
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Brand new, fascinating play recorded on Zoom by the Carver Theatre Online for its world premiere, visit our website for an hour's free entertainment:

At some point in all our lives we experience a fear of the dark.
Whether real or irrational it can remain with us, evolving, returning, reminding.
In certain circumstances darkness can take on a personality, a presence, even a voice; it can conceal secrets but in time, it can also expose them.
The problem is you can never be entirely sure that when you stare into the darkness there isn’t something staring back.
The question is, do you believe?

Visible Darkness, written by Martin Paul Roche, stars Kate Millward and Ewan Henderson, is directed by Sheryl Haydock-Howorth, edited and produced by Stephen Johnson and the Carver Theatre Production Team.