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Brexit Predictions (for leavers only)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2020, 07:15:45 PM »
OK, so I bet this will crash and burn within 6 posts but I'm curious. Today the European Parliament ratified the UK's decision to leave the club. There is now an 11 month transition period where the 2 sides will negotiate what happens 31/12/2020. From my little understanding I guess there are 4 possible outcomes:

1) The UK agrees to match all EU rules in their entirety.
2) There is No Deal. The UK leave with no agreement in place and, for trade anyway, WTO rules apply.
3) The current U.K. administration backs down and request an extension
4) A deal is reached.

While I suspect some leavers will be happy with 2), I don't think any of them would want 1) or 3). So what are the leavers hopes/predictions/expectations for 4)? What is it you actually intend to prioritise? This isn't a troll, I genuinely don't know.

Please leave the finger pointing, points scoring, arguing and general "he says, she says" to the Voting for Brexit thread. Here if we can ask the leavers to be kind enough to indicate what we may get by way of a deal, it may help those of us who are in the dark plait the fog (so to speak).

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