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Author Topic: An Excellent Haircut at Dee's Salon, Stockport Road  (Read 563 times)

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An Excellent Haircut at Dee's Salon, Stockport Road
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2019, 02:42:52 PM »
First of all, the problem. My hair is truly awful and a nightmare to cut! I once heard a hairdresser say that he'd seen better hair on a side of bacon than on my head - I was related to him and he didn't really mean to be unkind.

Anyway - to the point.  After traipsing around Marple and its environs since I came to live in the village, I have finally found a hairdresser that can cut my hair properly and how I want it.

"Dee's Salon" on Stockport Road (near the Co-op filling Station) was recommended to me and yesterday I was passing so called in. I asked if they had anyone who could cut my hair dry rather than wet. (Most trendy hairdressers look at me as if I've grown two heads when I ask this but for my hair it's essential). "Yes" was the answer. They'd had a cancellation so I found myself in the chair having my hair cut in a layered "bob". The result was great - from "grown-out disaster" to perfect haircut - just what I wanted.

The acid test? - I got out of bed this morning and looked in the mirror, shook my head and my hair fell into perfect shape. Just what you want in a good haircut. I looked human again!

The salon isn't visually the most flashy one in Marple but its staff knows what they're doing and that's what matters. I will be going back again.

(Oh, yes, and the price was very reasonable.)

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