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« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2018, 03:17:28 PM »
I've had two campaign leaflets delivered to my house today.  One was a generally positive read (although I think a magic wand would be required to facilitate the desired actions).  The other, in my opinion, does a disservice to the candidate.

Various candidates have spoken on this forum about the need for cross-party working and collaboration, and this is surely the best way to secure the best outcomes for the residents of Marple, and Stockport as a whole.

I do not see how some candidates are going to be in a position to make good cross Party working relationships when their election leaflets blame other Parties for what they consider to be bad decisions made in the past.

I had to make a lot of difficult decisions when I was a doctor.  What I learnt was that people understand that professionals are human beings and make mistakes like everyone else.  People are generally very forgiving as long as you are honest and endeavour to correct mistakes quickly. 

I'm sure the electorate understand that politicians aren't going to get everything right all the time.  The problem we have in this country is that so many people are disengaged from politics because of this desire of politicians to shift the blame onto others.  The reality is that difficult decisions have to be made and there often isn't going to be a clear cut right or wrong approach. 


Carolyn Leather