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Author Topic: A6-M60 bypass  (Read 5975 times)

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A6-M60 bypass
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2018, 04:51:03 PM »
Stockport Green Party councillors (if there are any) will be voting against development of the A6-M60 bypass.  In summary, significant parts of the Goyt and Poise Brook Valleys will be irrevocably destroyed.  Traffic in our area will actually increase overtime as people become dependent upon cars.  This will exacerbate air pollution, climate change and will exacerbate the obesity epidemic.  I believe we need to invest in public transport, and safe cycling and walking paths instead of building yet another road which will devastate green spaces.  The cost of this road is estimated at half a billion pounds.  In these very trying economic times, this money could be put to so much better use. 

This website is a useful resource for those wanting to find out more:


I'd like to know where my opponents stand on this issue please.

@Steve Gribbon
@Kevin Dowling

Hannah Sneddon, Conservative candidate does not appear to be on this forum. 

Carolyn Leather