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As I Remember-Memories of Local People
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Sometine during the period of some forty to fifty years ago, exact dates unknown, Mrs. Gladys Swindells, then Chairman of The Marple Antiquarian Society, which morphed into Marple Local History Society, recorded the memories of several local people. At that time some interviewees where in their 80s, thus the memories recalled, stretch back to the latter years of the nineteenth century.

The recordings have been recently transcribed by the team of Bill Beard, Ruth Hargreaves and Louise Thistleton and form the basis of the ‘As I Remember’, a new section of the Marple Local History Society website. These transcriptions are no mean feat, considering the quality of the recordings and the use of colloquialisms that have fallen from use, since the days of the recordings.

A local example of a valuable resource created by from the recording an oral history.

Furher afield, the British Library webpage of 'Accents & Dialects'