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Author Topic: Pateley Bridge and Brimham Rocks.  (Read 2573 times)

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Pateley Bridge and Brimham Rocks.
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Manchester Coach Rambles Group Walk 7th June 2015

Pateley Bridge and Brimham Rocks.

Manchester Coach Ramblers trip to Pateley Bridge in North Yorkshire gave us our first real taste of summer and our walk provided an opportunity to have a look at Brimham Rocks, some of the most amazing rock formations to be found anywhere in Britain. Our reward for a dull and cool May was a warm sunny and clear early June day at Pateley Bridge with stunning visibility looking over the Vale of York to the North Yorkshire Moors and the Wolds with mysterious Ministry of Defence ‘golf-balls’ sitting on a nearby hill listening or looking for heaven-knows what. Open fields shone a bright yellow with buttercups while the woods were carpeted with lush bluebells as we walked the meadows and woods by the River Nidd before our climb to Brimham Rocks to join the crowds who had arrived by car.

If you need evidence that humans are related to chimpanzees you need look no further than the huge number of children feeling the irresistible urge to climb and clamber around the weird and wonderful shapes of Brimham Rocks. The only real problem is that having scaled the huge naturally formed boulders and pillars the bravado quickly vanishes sometimes they realise that they have a twenty foot nearly sheer descent with no easy route down. The madness didn’t end with the children: one visitor scrambled up a rock face with a two or three year old child on one arm, turned proudly to look down at his wife, asked that she take a photo, tossed down the mobile phone/camera to see his phone land well out of reach and smash onto nearby rocks. He then realised that he had a sheer drop in from of him and a tiny child in his arms. Hopefully he was rescued by the climbers.

An astonishing site is Idol Rock, a fifteen foot high, 200 ton boulder balancing on a base which is only a couple of feet wide: a truly strange feat of nature!

If you think that is the end of the strange sites of Nidderdale don’t be fooled! If you think you would like your rucksack to be transported pack-horse style, the llamas and alpacas trot across to the footpath to welcome you and leaflets inform you that could take the llama to carry your rucksack for £75 per day or even offer you llamas which love wedding day or hen-party packages. God’s own county does indeed offer some unusual attractions.

Fortunately the Ramblers exhibited a remarkable degree of sanity whilst surrounded by Yorkshire’s unusual offerings and descended via the ‘Panorama Walk’ for more conventional liquid offerings in the attractive village of Pateley Bridge.

If you would like to join us on our next coach trip to Hawes on 21st June email for more details. Our next Sunday Public Transport Walk is June 14th, a circular from Disley. Meet on 0950 train from Piccadilly or meet train at Disley station. 

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