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Author Topic: Comment on Manchester Coach Rambles  (Read 2573 times)

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Comment on Manchester Coach Rambles
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2015, 11:46:49 PM »
Marplerambler I am told Joyce D does outstanding work trying to keep the coach excursions alive but really its all been down hill since the death of Eddie Stubbs. The coach excursions no longer service the same purpose as in previous years. Gone is the drinkers coach to allow people to catch up over a pint. So many now have to drive into Manchester to get the coach anyway so gone also have the sessions at the Brunswick now B57 in the city centre. Coach's now head back much earlier gone are the days of walks finishing at 7pm.

I don't think its the RAs fault society has changed, people have more pressure at work families are all over the world so people spend a lots of time travelling for one reason or another and no longer want to bother going too far on a Sunday.

Its all very sad, You and I and others here are very luck to have been part of the golden generation, no wars we wee called to fight in, a health service we were born into, largely full employment, we all now in the main own are own homes so in Marple are often sat on large capital sum.

And we had the Polytechnics

I ramble but never mind....