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Author Topic: Spring Chorus  (Read 2342 times)

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Spring Chorus
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2015, 10:21:33 PM »
Manchester Ramblers Public Transport Walk Sunday 05.04.2015

Spring Chorus

A week ago I walked on a cold, wet, wintry day in the Lake District. Yesterday I was only a few miles from home on the Ramblers Public Transport Walk from Chinley to Edale on Easter Sunday but I may as well have been in a different climatic region of the world.

Cue the sun breaking through the clouds at about 11am and the skylarks just went ballistic!  I wrote a few weeks ago about silence on the walks: well yesterday there was an absolute festival of song. The blackbirds, the blue tits and coal tits were singing their heads off. I was close to a skeleton of a tree which despite displaying a few buds was much more dead than it was alive and I heard a woodpecker drumming away to the rear of it but no matter how hard I looked he eluded me. Wrens are generally heard but not seen but a shy wren frustrated by the fact he seemed only to be able to escape from us at knee height flying from hedge to hedge along the lane but sadly he did not utter a note. Fields were full of newly born lambs crying out and their mothers were equally vociferous in their replies.
When we climbed onto the moors the curlews cried high overhead at the ramblers from Manchester way and the lapwings screamed and divebombed in an adjacent field to make it very clear that our company was not appreciated and they then turned their attention to, and mobbed, an encroaching buzzard.

The voiceboxes of our group were well and truly lubricated by the generous dose of the taste of spring. Climbs which would generally have struck the group numb as they rendered us breathless were not even noticed by chattering ramblers rendered hyperactive by what had become an overdose of Spring.

A very steep descent into the Vale of Edale brought a reward not experienced for many months: an afternoon coffee break sitting (or in one case lying on the grass and nearly falling asleep) in a warm sunny hollow with a babbling brook, daffodils, nuthatches defying gravity as they descended tree trunks beaks and seeing our first butterflies of the year.

You really could not ask for more so if you would care to join us email for details of both our coach excursions and our local Public Transport Walks.

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