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Ramblers: Peace of Mind in the Snow
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Peace of Mind in the Snow

What a superb clear red sky at 7am this morning – the days are getting longer and it makes getting out of bed a lot easier. The weather at Buxton seemed to be fine when our train arrived at 11am. It was a bit colder than Marple but that is only to be expected if you are visiting the highest market town in Britain.

Within ten minutes there were flakes of snow blowing around as we crossed the Cavendish Golf Course: not that this was discouraging the large number of hardy golfers already on the links. Half an hour after leaving Buxton we were walking with quite a lot of snow blowing from behind us, sticking to and turning our rucksacks and overcoats white. I shall never know whether the golfers fled back to the Clubhouse or simply changed from white to orange golfballs but we were heading for Whaley Bridge and the snow was not going to put us off. 

The ground was not cold or icy, the temperature didn’t seem to be particularly low but the ground had turned white and the upturned hoods and wind made conversation difficult. Someone else guides you along the correct paths and you follow without thought.  A silence descends upon walkers with faces hidden by hoods, wrapped up against a falling snow which hides much from view: it is only when a handful of noisy Canada Geese fly over or squabbling mallards on the reservoirs interrupt that you suddenly realise that even though you may have been moving for fifteen minutes through the falling snow and that little has registered, that your mind has been in solitude mode and you have just quite simply turned off from the cares and worries of everyday life as the quiet overcomes you.

There may be the absolute absence of thought or there may be a tune that you heard earlier rolling around your brain but whichever it is enjoy it: it most certainly isn’t time wasted in a life that otherwise may be dominated by stress at work or in your life. Peace, just as much as conversation, is there to be found on a walk and it is often most profound on the wet winter days. Peace of mind giving strength for the week ahead or a respite from your worries is one of the most valuable gifts of walking.

It is not until I nip into a shop in Whaley Bridge that I realise that I am wet and cold and that the walk has been totally unmemorable but enjoyable nevertheless. This morning’s red sky warned me I would probably get wet. Who would ever think that there was satisfaction to be gained from being outside on a snowy then wet winter’s day?

There will be plenty of time for conversation next time out so if you fancy coming along, the next Manchester Area Ramblers Sunday walk is on March 8th 2015 from Broadbottom to Marple. Catch 0922 train from Piccadilly. Book Manchester Rail Ranger. If travelling into Manchester by bus buy a System One Bus &Train ticket from the driver.   
Our next Manchester Coach Rambles Trip offers three walks at Ilkley on Sunday 1st March 2015. Google ‘Manchester Coach Rambles Group’ go to and click ‘CRG’ or Coach Rambles for details. If travellling by car from Marple I recommend using the M60 to Prestwich/Whitefield turnoff, turn left towards Manchester and park the car for free at Prestwich Metro station and the coach pick-up point is two minutes away through the Longfield  Centre on the other side of Bury New Road at 0910. Alternatively you can pick up the coach at Manchester Chorlton St Britannia Hotel at 0850.

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