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Author Topic: Demolition of the former Dale Primary School  (Read 16665 times)

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Jo Scarlett

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Demolition of the former Dale Primary School
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2013, 10:05:14 AM »
Work has begun and the cranes moved in this week.  I noticed that they removed from the site a prefabricated building which was added to the site 4 years ago when the schools were amalgamated.  My understanding of this addition to the site was that it was to be temporary for 3 years only (although it has been there longer than that) and the ground was to be returned to good or better as it was on the playing field (public open space?) And this was stipulated by Sport England in the planning permission. Have there been changes to the planning process and/or did SMBC obtain an extension for the additional time this building was on site? I'm sure if this were a domestic premises there'd be hoops to jump through!

Also does there not need to be a public consultation with regards to the Demolishion?  I'm not suggesting that it doesn't or shouldn't happen only that local residents should be kept informed either by letter or flyers with time scales and the councils plans as the site is surrounded on all sides by residential properties?  There does seem to be some period of consultation when I've looked at the SMBC planning database with regard to the demolishion but it doesn't show who has been consulted or if anyone has?

I'm presuming that eventually we'll have new housing on this site, which will increase the pressure on the already full local primary schools!!