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Author Topic: Lockside Parking Problems  (Read 3079 times)

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Lockside Parking Problems
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2003, 02:57:18 PM »
I read with interest the article recently put through my door in edition no 182 of the Liberal democrats newsletter.

It concerns Lockside and how Councillor Mrs Shan Alexander, in response to complaints about cars being parked for long periods outside the cottages, has asked for the problem to be investigated and action taken.

I am a resident of Lockside and certainly have no knowledge of this problem and the Councillors involvement, prior to it being raised at the council area meeting recently. I wonder if the editor of the publication has been mistaken with the information he/she has received.

I am aware that Mrs Alexander along with other elected representatives attended a meeting of the Marple Community Council recently and indeed would have been aware of the efforts of that Community council, on behalf of the residents of Lockside. The Community Council has made representation on behalf of the residents concerning the road being used as a rat run by vehicles at fast speeds cutting through to Church lane from Stockport Road, about the need to consider ways of reducing speed on that road and other matters of concern to the residents.

Parking was certainly not a major problem as has been suggested in this political newsletter.

I would have been pleased if the article had made reference to Chairman Adrian Taylor and his dedicated team on the Community Council and the efforts that they had made on behalf of Lockside residents and who I entertain no doubt were responsible for making the elected representative aware of the problems. I certainly have not had a visit from a councillor recently, but anticipate it will be around next May when I do.