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Author Topic: Marple Corn Mills, later Mineral Mill and Bleak House  (Read 3080 times)

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Marple Corn Mills, later Mineral Mill and Bleak House
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Thanks Mark for the information you emailed to me concerning Mineral Mills.
I wondered if this little bit of information is of use to Marple historians or anyone interested in the Mill and Bleak House.
In 1849 and earlier, the Mineral Mill near the Lime Kilns and the Peak Forest canal, was called Marple Mills (corn mill).
In 1834 the mill was run by Francis Brindley and Co. of Marple. In 1849 according to the register of electors, Stockport polling district, Robert Brindley was living here, presumably in the house (Bleak House) next to the mill. Francis Brindley died in 1834 and it may be that he had run this mill whilst it was owned by Samuel Oldknow as in the early 1800's the Brindley's lived at Oldknows, Stone Row. By 1851 the family had moved to Macclesfield where from at least 1840 they were also running the now famous Hovis Mill on the Macclesfield canal.
Does anyone know, by the way who named the mill house "Bleak House", I assume it was named this sometime after 1853?