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Lisa Oldham

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possibly the best Food Ever
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2008, 09:09:59 PM »
In the past year sadly Ive only been allowed out 6 times for meals :>(  so understandly I lile to make the most of those nights

not good on names.. especially if they dont leave a good impression so.. last April went for my "special" birthday at the pub on the top of werneth... It was crap.. bad service rediculously late meal.. not great food... expensive ( even though my mums loud complaints made them take a third off) will never ever go again ..
left feeling - deflated/disappointed etc
christmas... went to the wine bar thing at the top of marple next ish to cinema... again rubbish.. foods was nice.. as long as youd already eaten.. but a bit up it self... service good but the waiters seemed worried not relaxed atall.. also totally empty
left feeling - deflated.. disappointed hoping that noone would suggest it was a good place again.. will def refuse to go regardless of company

christmas again - midland ( I only remember the name cos I spent most of my youth there) good food.. again best if youd eaten earlier and too expensive
left feeling a bit disappointed..would like my money to go further .. will go late next time and miss the food
so the other 3
1 ring o bells.. my friend took me for my significant birthday.. brilliant...  left feeling FAT
2 husband took me the week after for that significant birthday.. made me forget my age again :>) EVEN fatter
3 last sunday... brilliant again.. even though Peter forgot me
and that time i took 4 kids too and STILL enjoyed myself
again FAT
and Happy
so big thumbs up to Ring o Bells and while im still here I'm not bothering with anywhere else .. though at my rate of going out thats only about  3 nights out!!!

Cheers Sue and Peter
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