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Advertising Marple
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2006, 11:09:13 AM »
Why is it that Stockport MBC is so reluctant to advertise its attractions?  New visitors to the Marple area, particularly those arriving at Rose Hill via the Middlewood Way, have no idea that just up the road are shops and cafes etc. Does the Council not want to support local businesses? Perhaps our cycle shop and some of the cafes wouldn’t have closed if visitors had known they were there. Even their own enterprises such as Chadkirk Chapel and Etherow Country Park would benefit if only visitors were directed to them. The usual excuse is lack of money but the Council must have spent thousands of pounds on new Corporate Sign Boards in all the Parks, yet not one tells you what you may be able to see; presumably scoring points on the Green Flag system is more important to them than catering for visitors to the area and supporting local businesses. If you think the same then please write to the Council to provide sensible notice boards directing visitors to the various attractions in the Marple area, both business and leisure. Oh, they do have one, it’s at Chadkirk and directs visitors to Oldham!!