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Events / Christian Aid Week in Marple - 10 to 16 May 2021
« Last post by Tony Baron on Yesterday at 09:48:01 PM »
 Christian Aid week takes place in May each year to raise money to help create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. Unfortunately, for the second year running because of Covid-19, Churches Together Marple area are unable to undertake the traditional red envelope house to house collection, which has become so familiar and important over the years. We have therefore set up an on - line ‘e-envelope’ instead.  You can either follow this link:[url], or you can scan the QR code in the attached information, which will take you to the same e-envelope.  If you do not want to use this link, you can send a cheque by post to Christian Aid, 35-41 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7RL. Please indicate that it is a donation on behalf of Marple Christian Aid Group ref. no. OR197774. We hope that you will be able to support our fundraising by giving generously to help to provide a reliable water source, for people like Rose and another Kenyan woman, Florence.  In the attached information you can find out more about these two women, Christian Aid and the appeal via the link.

Miscellaneous / Re: Keys found Middlewood way/rugby club
« Last post by Paul Bennett on Yesterday at 02:43:37 PM »
Update: station closed. Now at Cheadle heath station
Miscellaneous / Keys found Middlewood way/rugby club
« Last post by Paul Bennett on Yesterday at 01:54:02 PM »
I found some house keys on the ground on the road that leads to the rugby club off Middlewood way.
If these are yours, I am dropping them at hazel grove police station
Miscellaneous / Re: New Coffee & Co Trailer on Middlewood Way Car Park
« Last post by amazon on Yesterday at 12:33:41 PM »
Just learned that a new coffee trailer will become a regular visitor to the Middlewood Way car park at Wood Lane (near Marple Rugby Club) from this Saturday.

Perfect for refreshments after walking or cycling the Middlewood Way!

Bet thats been a horse box at sometime looks good good luck with it .
Local Issues / Re: Plans submitted for Marple Dale Care Home site
« Last post by Howard on Yesterday at 11:46:39 AM »
There you go Howard agreeing with me again. You'd better sit down you won't be feeling to good if you keep this up.

Well, @wheels, you can't be wrong ALL the time so it had to happen sooner or later ;)
Local Issues / Re: Funding opportunities for local groups!
« Last post by admin on Yesterday at 10:12:25 AM »
Calling all Marple and District Community Groups!

The Marple Website would like to share this great opportunity for funding with groups in the Marple, Marple Bridge, Mellor, Compstall, Strines, Hawk Green and High Lane areas.

Stockport Community Champions Fund A new fund has just launched with Stockport Council for voluntary, community and faith groups, social enterprises and third sector projects operating in Stockport.
Read more on the main site:

Local Issues / Re: New housing development at Rose Hill station?
« Last post by jimblob on Yesterday at 09:38:55 AM »
My point is that if people chose to buy a house or live near a pub/school/tip/train station etc then there will be associated noises.
@royal_marple I always knew I was buying a house near to a recycling centre and my due-dilligence at the time, assured me that the planning consent and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was such that noise and traffic issues were under control. The EIA identified noise as a key operational issue and as a result, significant noise mitigation measures were incororated into the design of the site.  The situation now however is that those mitigations that formed the basis of the planning approval are proving inadequate given higher numbers of visitors than were projected for a 10 year period, which in turn means more waste, more container pickups and more waste compaction. That waste compaction and container activity is generating higher noise levels than were estimated in the Environmental Assessment and that were the basis for the planning approval. The conditions of the planning approval are arguably being breached! Because of this, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) have instructed Wood to conduct a noise investigation and it's findings have comfirmed that which is stated above in terms of "severe adverse impacts" to the surrounding area. GMCA have aknowledged the problem and commited to do something about it.
I felt this needed stating before somebody else decides I'm merely on some kind of Victor Meldrew styled rant with my own personal agenda.
Local Issues / Re: Plans submitted for Marple Dale Care Home site
« Last post by corium on Yesterday at 08:34:12 AM »
In response to Condate's point my understanding is that at least two of the buildings to be demolished were effectively not salvageable - one was condemned structurally and the other needed strucutural alterations and a brand new lift to become usable and this was uneconomic. Even if every building had remained in use there was an awful lot of land there and sooner or later I suspect some would have been sold for housing.
Thanks for the opportunity to re-introduce myself. I’m the sitting councillor in Marple North standing for re-election. Many people will know me from the more than 20 community groups I support actively or from one of the projects I’ve been involved with, including saving and running the Northumberland Arms or the Wharf Project to restore the warehouse to be a community building. I also developed an idea to stop the toilets at Etherow weir from demolition and worked with the volunteers to save it, I organised the Xmas tree lighting event in Marple precinct and you will often see me around litter picking or maybe know the “wallop” litter picking scheme I run. I’ve been involved in many other campaigns and activities.

I believe that the community is at the core of our lives. It follows that we should let the community have a clear say in what happens around them. That means listening to them and being there for them, being both available and approachable – and that’s what a councillor should be. They should also take a lead and start ideas going wherever possible plus set the best example they can for others. A councillor has another important role to play in advising people especially about how to interface with the council and how best to get problems resolved. There’s also an influencing role where you can add weight and credibility to something by giving it your support in the right way.
I’ve tried to follow all these principles and although I would be the first to admit I’ve not always succeeded, I have always tried, stuck at it and worked as hard as I can. I also aim to represent residents with the Council, knowing that what people want from their Council is effectiveness and efficiency. Above all, this means getting things done, and doing this promptly and correctly. Again that’s what I push for and if it can’t happen I try to explain things clearly, even when it’s not the answer people were hoping for.

I’ve lots of projects in the pipeline including organising the Marple Food and Drink festival, repairing the Lime Kilns, two Neighbourhood Plans and getting some local tricky issues resolved. I’d like to carry on with this work and that why I’m standing again.
I'll respond to these posts shortly, but admin might like to note this debate, which is an interesting general one, and which is maybe best on another page, as this was set up as an invite by admin to make an election posting which I'll now do.

This topic has now been split from Cllr Allan's introductory thread. Admin
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