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Title: Hawk Green Ridge Methodist Panto c1952-53
Post by: admin on January 16, 2015, 12:16:03 PM
A battered photo of a panto group up at the Hawk Green Ridge Methodist Church around 1952-53 has been added to the Virtual Tour this morning. It's come via Marple Local History Society from Judy Hornby (now Cross) who is in the picture. Click it to see a larger version.


Back row L-R: Pete Barber, June Wilson?, Bernard Brooks, ?, Harold "Curly" Robinson, Bert Russell, Carol Beard, Gordon ?.
Far left: (Fairy with wand) Wendy Sloane, Far right: Ann Horrox.
2nd row down: 6 unknowns, Tony Ross, Roy Ridings, Derek Ridings.
3rd row down: John Moores, Jean Ridings, Brenda Cooks, Jill Chatwood, Sheila Worral, ? Cox, ?, Jean Leadbetter, Valerie Moores.
Bottom row: Glynnis Brookes, Irene Chatwood, Barbara Cooke, Susan Dale, ? Potts (dog), Margaret Crammer, Judy Hornby, Beryl Sweeney, Keith Chatwood.

Can you spot yourself or do you know any of the missing names?