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Title: Marple Branch NWR [Alternate Mondays]
Post by: admin on February 03, 2006, 06:24:50 PM
This thread contains the latest programme for Marple National Women's Register.
Title: Re: Marple Branch NWR [Alternate Mondays]
Post by: admin on November 28, 2019, 06:58:51 AM

13th Jan: Chairs – arm, deck, high, bath or just your favourite. Describe/discuss/research any you choose.
27th Jan: Finland. Research an aspect to share with the group and bring food
10th Feb: Why did you choose to live in Marple? If you could live anywhere else where would you choose and why?
24th Feb: Playreading – “A Most Bizarre Case”
9th March: Theatre visit -  “ Silver Lining” by Sandi Toksvig
23rd March: World Heritage Sites – research one and share or discuss the concept
6th April: Room 101 – vent your pet hates. What 3 things/activities/actions would you select for destruction?
20th April: Discussion – Gender issues.
Title: Re: Marple Branch NWR [Alternate Mondays]
Post by: admin on December 24, 2020, 06:39:38 AM

11th January: Women in Film - Present your favourite actress/director
25th January: What was the first record you bought? Do you still have it? Do you still play it?
8th February: Hobbies you used to have. Why were they abandoned? What has replaced them?
22nd February: Play reading – “The Mad Professor”
1st March: What positive aspect has 2020 had for you? What difference will this make to you as you go forward?
15th March: The Big Read: The Actress by Anne Enright; The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams; Hamnett by Maggie O’Farrell.
29th March: The Colour Purple! Present anything you like about this shade + Planning for Summer Programme.
Title: Re: Marple Branch NWR [Alternate Mondays]
Post by: admin on April 10, 2021, 06:18:04 AM

12th April: Tattoos – history of, opinions of, do you have one? If you got one what design would you choose?
26th April: What was your favourite childhood book? Tell us about it and why you loved it
10th May: Grannies – do you remember yours? Are you one?  What does the role mean to you?
24th May: Spain – NWR country of the year. Research a topic, discuss the food, reminisce about past holidays in the sun
7th June: Tell us about a bridge, be it a civil engineering feature or a person of that name
21st June: Famous sisters – research some famous sisters and then tell us about them
5th July: Summer walk. Details to be discussed
19th July: Statues – do you like them? Have a favourite? Approve disapprove of retrospective censure/removal of statues on public display? Anything to do with statuary
Title: Re: Marple Branch NWR [Alternate Mondays]
Post by: admin on September 27, 2021, 10:43:46 AM

6th September: The oldest book in my bookcase
20th September: Your favourite poet and why. Share an example of their work with us
4th October: X and Y – discuss anything you choose which begins with either of these letters
18th October: Discuss a literary or artistic connection with any place that you have visited
1st November: It has been proposed that we should have an afternoon social depending on prevailing circumstances. Obviously this plan may be subject to revision
15th November: Telephone Treasure Trail!
29th November: Tell us about your least favourite fictional character
13th December: The traditional Christmas get together with mince pies, Christmas readings and jolly festive cheer. An afternoon meeting was suggested but this can be discussed again later – and in light of the situation at the time
Title: Re: Marple Branch NWR [Alternate Mondays]
Post by: admin on January 12, 2022, 09:01:31 AM

The Marple Branch of the National Women's Register (NWR) meet fortnightly on Monday evenings in members homes or via Zoom to discuss all subjects, for example cultural and political matters. In more normal times they also have trips to the theatre and meals out etc. but not at the moment.  There is also a book club.

All meetings start at 8.00 pm on Zoom unless otherwise stated:

10th January: Guess the Year. Have 5 clues ready for us to guess the year you have chosen.
24th January: The origin of place names-tell us about where you were born or have lived.
7th February: What is the scariest thing you have ever done? Are you risk averse or do you welcome a new challenge?
21st February: How Green are you?  Have you visited 'Lentils and Lather' in Marple?  Do you try to live a sustainable lifestyle, re-using and refilling to reduce plastic waste?  What else could you do differently?
7th March: Overlooked spouses of famous people. Do they choose to live in the shadow of their well known partner?
21st March: Do It Yourself Quiz. Please come prepared with 5 questions beginning with the same letter eg What, Which, How etc.
4th April: Afternoon walk-(weather permitting). Meet at 1pm in the Old Hare and Hounds car park at Otterspool for a circular walk to Woodbank, Bredbury Green and Chadkirk. Approx 4 miles. Stout shoes or boots required.

New Members welcome: Contact: Sue Palmer Tel 0161 427 5487 Email

Note: Previous programmes are left below to show the wide variety of activities that the group enjoys.