Stockport Hydro at
Otterspool Bridge, Marple

The Stockport hydro scheme at Otterspool Weir is Manchester's first community-owned hydro-electric project

The scheme has been funded primarily by a community share offer which has raised more than 250k, supported by a grant from the North West Development Agency, a loan from Charity Bank and a Key Fund grant and we are grateful to all our supporters.

We are keeping the share offer open enable as many people as possible to join the scheme. With a minimum investment of only 250, you could own a share in this ground-breaking community scheme.

We expect to generate enough clean, green energy to power about 60 homes, 30% more than we originally thought, saving over 100 tonnes of CO2 per year, or over 4,000 tonnes during the estimated 40 year life of the project. The renewable power we will generate will feed into the national grid and profits will be distributed amongst local community projects and a return paid to our investors.

Here are some photos of Stockport Hydro taken by local people during its construction and operation:

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Photos on this page by Arthur Procter, Bill Beard and Axel Thomas

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