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  • Music appreciation at Semitone Studios: July 13, 2018

Author Topic: Music appreciation at Semitone Studios [Friday 13 July 2018]  (Read 146 times)

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Music appreciation at Semitone Studios [Friday 13 July 2018]
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Want to know more about classical music?

Now is your chance at Semitone Studios. We are offering a series of six music appreciation sessions on Friday mornings from 10.30 to 12.00 starting on Friday 13 July with Peter Eccles acting as tutor. Peter has been tutoring well-received music appreciation courses for the last three years.

If you want to develop a better appreciation of classical music then you have to listen to it, so we will spend much of the time listening to music, concentrating each week on a small number of pieces. Peter will introduce the pieces by saying something about the composer's place in the development of music, how the piece came to be written and discussing what to listen out for when you hear the piece. We will share reactions to each piece after we have heard it.

Cost: £5 for each session.
No need to book in advance but an email saying you are planning to come (or with any queries) would be helpful.

Contact: or 07715 643110.