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Author Topic: Book launch "On Intimacy: A Forgotten Art" by local writer  (Read 585 times)

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Book launch "On Intimacy: A Forgotten Art" by local writer
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2017, 06:53:32 AM »
Posted on behalf of local writer Julia Robinson:

Local writer Julia Robinson from Marple Bridge has recently published a beautiful book of poetry and prose called, ‘ON INTIMACY: A FORGOTTEN ART’. What a wonderful way to enter into such fascinating topics so many of us are interested in: journeys within, encounters with others and intimacy with that which is more than all of us.
There are two versions of this magnificent book, the original with a royal purple back cover and a sky-blue back cover that has been sensitively edited for more genteel readers.
For more information about the book and how to purchase it go to: www.on-intimacy.com

What you may be saying too:

This book is strong and poetic. The little spiritual stories and all the dialogues are beautiful. The part where you describe your awakening is the most beautiful description I’ve ever read. I was even crying because it’s so beautiful. Congratulations.
Gabriel, Marple Bridge

I literally can't put it down it's soooo good. I'm torn between wanting to keep some of it back like that special chocolate you mustn't wolf down in one go or, well, wolfing it down... Thank you, it's having a fantastic effect on me. You might say it's life changing. xxx
Beth Totnes, Devon

 As a reader I feel absolutely blessed with your truth and honesty about everything. Your poems too are extraordinary – loved them. Some of them, like the empty plate, are world class. Congratulations!
Luke, Marple

I love it. I couldn't put it down. By the end of the day all the housework had built up and the place was a tip!
Claire, Cheddington

Her wicked humour and stunning presence are spellbinding.
Jashana, Hawaii USA

Mark Whittaker

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