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  • Journey's End: November 03, 2017 - November 11, 2017

Author Topic: Journey's End at the Carver Theatre [3-11 Novemebr 2017]  (Read 621 times)

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Re: Journey's End at the Carver Theatre [3-11 Novemebr 2017]
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2017, 04:59:29 PM »
Classic WW1 drama, Journey's End, opens at the Carver on Friday 3rd Nov

Evocative and moving account of life in the trenches, this play is full of poignant detail and atmosphere.

Tickets available from or from Hollins of Marple, Hollins Lane, SK6 6AW (open 7 days) 0161 449 8363

Matinee at 2.30 pm Saturday November 4th.

Tickets booked by phone will be available at the theatre box office before the show.

Poppies will be on sale in the bar before and after each performance.

Journey's End is by R C Sherriff and is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

Here's a little extra information about this particular production:

 Theatre creates missing link after 100 year silence

In early September 2017, local theatre director, Kate Millward, was asked at the 11th hour to direct Carver Theatre’s November production of ‘Journey’s End’ by R C Sherriff. Knowing that this was an evocative and moving account of life in the trenches in WW1, Kate readily agreed to take on the task. What she didn’t know, however, was that this play creates a palpable reconstruction of the final four days leading up to the battle of St Quentin, March 1918, in which her own grandfather had fought, been wounded and captured by German soldiers.

“My grandfather, Herbert Millward, never fully told his story. We only have fragments of information. We know he was wounded in action in St Quentin, March 22 1918. He was reported missing and later officially declared a prisoner of war in Göttingen hospital, Germany, where his left leg was amputated to save his life,” recalls Kate. “His only son, my father, was told very little about these experiences. He has a vague recollection of being told that his father was in pursuit of a German soldier, who threw a grenade over his shoulder. The shrapnel entered my grandfather’s leg.”

The family have a poignant letter, opened by the censor, written by Herbert in the Göttingen hospital, saying “Don’t worry over me. I’m quite merry and bright...dont let mother upset herself over it. I was in a bad state. The doctor said might have killed me.”

“Journey’s End is full of detail, atmosphere and rich characters. It tells the story of life in an officers’ dugout, wonderfully capturing the fear, friendships, tensions and the tangible sense of duty and death. It blends the horrors with the humdrum and humour of nine men confined in a filthy construction of wood and corrugated iron, under a battlefield in northern France,” explains Kate. “As rehearsals progressed and the talented cast brought the characters and words to life; and the set, lighting, sound track and period costumes created a realistic impression of the truth of this story, I have found myself being more and more gripped and connected to these events and to history. I never met my grandfather, but it’s as if this play has told me ‘his story’, after all these years.

This play is so powerful because it reflects events in any WW1 battle, indeed in any conflict then and now. We are all connected to this appalling truth.”


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Journey's End at the Carver Theatre [3-11 Novemebr 2017]
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2017, 04:00:54 PM »
Second play of the 2017 -18 Carver season, this incredibly moving play is based on the author's own experience of World War One.  It deals with the human and inconsequential details of daily life of a group of officers and highlights the resilience and understated decency of the human spirit.

Carver Theatre, Chadwick Street, Marple, SK6 7AX.
7.45pm (extra performance at 2.30 pm on Saturday 4th)
Tickets from or from Hollins of Marple, Hollins Lane, Marple SK6 6AW
Season Tickets make great gifts;  details from

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