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Author Topic: Classic old Stockport bus available!  (Read 10119 times)

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Re: Classic old Stockport bus available!
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2012, 03:58:58 PM »
I shall be looking out for the old Stockport Corporation bus with great interest. Although a Stopfordian, I have only been in Marple for eleven years. I remember that Stockport Corporation had only four single deckers when I was a child in the 1960s. I thought that they were used only on the no 9 bus from Reddish Houldsworth Square to West Didsbury and for school services. I thought that all buses in Marple prior to SELNEC Cheshire in about 1970 were all North Westerns with the odd green SHMD bus from Hyde. Did any Stockport Corporation buses come to Marple? Can anyone elighten me about just what service buses were running to Marple in the mid-sixties? I remember the 28 from Lower Mosley St to Marple and Hayfield, a 28a/28x(?) Stockport to Hawk Green and the 82/83 from Stockport to Mellor via Romiley and Marple Bridge though I don't know the difference between the 82 and the 83 route. Was there a bus from Marple to Mellor? I seem to remember that there was a 90(??) from Marple to Hyde and Stalybridge Ridge Hill Estate and a Glossop to Hazel Grove Rising Sun service (I do not remember the number before it became a 394).  Has there ever been a regular service to Mill Brow or a service to Hazel Grove or Bredbury Cow and Calf from Dan Bank lights? My wife thinks that there was a regular service down Cross Lane for a while in the 1990s: does anyone remember this? The 62 Bowers bus to Stockport has come and gone since my arrival as has the 67. I can remember the X67 TransLink bus from Liverpool/Manchester to Chesterfield/Lincoln but has anyone why in its final years the 67 ran from New Mills to Stockport via Marple rather than straight down the A6? Were there any other bus services? Memories of a silver surfer would be appreciated.

Stockport Classic Bus

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Classic old Stockport bus available!
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2012, 03:11:32 PM »
Hi everyone

Just to let you know, I've recently completed the restoration of a 1958 Stockport Corporation single-deck bus, which used to trundle around Marple in the 1960s and 70s. Fully repainted in red and white, the Corporation colours, it can seat 40 people and on a good day reach the breakneck speed of 40mph!

It will be in the Marple Carnival this year, so please have a look at it and say hello. I'm very happy to make it available for any charity days, park events or other community things locally.

It is stored in St Helens currently, as that is the nearest undercover space, but I live in Marple myself. If anyone happens to have a dry barn, garage space or shed locally which could accommodate a single deck bus 30 ft long then shout out - I'll snap your hand off!!

Anyhow - feel free to get in touch. I really hope it can become a community resource.