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Author Topic: Camp site on Brabyns Park.. but at least we ll get a public loo?  (Read 3576 times)

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Lisa Oldham

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Re: Camp site on Brabyns Park.. but at least we ll get a public loo?
« Reply #15 on: May 20, 2012, 10:56:05 AM »
Gaz.. not sure why you think theres not a problem down there when the dog shows are on because as a daily user of Brabyns and knowing most of the other users of Brabyns, we have dreadful time with them!  I certainly dont take my children dog walking when theres a dog show on, and i tend to avoid most of the park with my dog too! Not all but a lot of the dog show people are abusive and always have been.  They get very angry if you walk through the camping site because their tied up, often caged, dogs get noisy.  They chase dogs off, some of the dogs are let loose and chase ours and are not always particularly friendly, hence the reason i wont take the kids.  There is ALWAYS a huge increase in dog poo in the park.. I'm sure most are good but these are big shows now and a lot of them arn't.  I think its a testament to the fantastic park keepers who clean all the mess up straight away to why you dont notice not just dog poo but the rubbish they leave.

Brabyns is now known as a good venue because its one of the cheapest in the country.  So we will get more.  On top of that there is no marshalling.. so we actually get a lot of people without dogs just camping for the fun of it! When organising dog shows they are supposed to peg out areas for camping but so far none of the shows have and its all over the place covering 3 fields.. THe road, I believe paid for partly by the bridge grant?  has been very damaged as it is not designed to take the weight of some of the huge caravans that they bring with them. when it rains its even worse and the fields are also churned up and the park keepers have to get the tractor out to sort it out!

If the shows are 1.  charged appropriately and policed correctly to kennel club requirements and restricted camping to the back/middle field. then ok, if they agree to repair the road too.

However the idea of the camping license is not to open it as a campsite but to get round what is currently unlawful use of the park. What it will however do is if travellers do hit the area and manage to get on there then it will be impossible to get them off it its got a camping license and THAT is the biggest issue for the village I think.  Just imagine how many travellers it would fit!!!

Having said all that.. I'm told its permitted development anyway ( this is being argued!) and so the council officer can do it without public input


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Re: Camp site on Brabyns Park.. but at least we ll get a public loo?
« Reply #16 on: May 22, 2012, 11:03:09 AM »
I see the Notice Board in Marple Memorial Park cost £2,240 and was funded by a £1,000 donation from the Marple District Centre Partnership and a £500 donation from Paul Howard Menswear shop on Market Street to commemorate 30 years of trading in Marple. The balance of £740 was raised by Friends of the Park, This is great, but also in all our parks are several Corporate Notice Boards that only advertise Stockport MBC. The current information is virtually useless, however they are of a design that could have the present panels removed and more useful ones for visitors showing where places of interest are located. With the structure already there I suspect the cost would be less than the £2,240 quoted above. 

Having spoken to some Councillors I am aware that if the subject is something they are not interested in then they are unlikely to take it further. Although there are a limited number of people contributing to this site I note that in some instances over 2000 people have read what is written here. Hopefully eventually some of those 2000 will be able to persuade our Councillors that providing information for visitors would be beneficial to the Borough.