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Author Topic: Memories of Marple!  (Read 11061 times)

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Re: Memories of Marple!
« Reply #75 on: April 27, 2012, 09:10:06 PM »
The joiner was Frank Robinson (who's grandson, I think is Josh Robinson Excavations who has a depot at Rose Hill). Frank started at the farm on Hawk Green(now Ridge Crescent) and also had the shop on Church Lane which is now the Insurance Broker next to the Pineapple Inn, after moving from Otterspool. As far as I can remember he is/was no relation to Fred Robinson (joiner) who had the yard at Rose Hill previously, he was the one who came from the result of the Hibbert Lane extention at the rear of the baths. 

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Re: Memories of Marple!
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Does anyone remember Jimmy Saville visiting the Co-op? (Many years ago!)

I do he was there for the opening of the coop or something, funny but not 3 days ago I was telling my Dad about meeting him there.

I remember the bon bon on Church Ln, the Choclate box on Stockport Rd. Going for a loaf for my Nanna at the bakers that used to be next to where the Cheshire is now. The kids boating lake and wishing the council would fill it full of water.

Marple in the mid 80's was a young boy's dream, living 2 secs from the countryside and the canal.
And the library was next door to the Bon Bon in the early '50s before it moved to where the Scout Hall is now.

Mr Fearnley's grocery(?) shop or baker, not sure which, where the extension to Hibbert Lane is now. I used to be sent for muffins for my Grandmother. And Greenhalgh's bakers on Church Lane
Weren't there a lot of bakers in Marple way back when! We must have consumed an enormous amount pf bread and cakes. Archers, Wilsons, Wrights, Nixons (currently the Rolling Pin), Fearnleys, Greenhalgh's (not the same as the chain on The Hollins), Bennison's (?) opposite The Hollins and the Co-op sold bread as well although I don't think they baked it on the premises.

There was also Glovers Dairy on the corner of Derby St, where Littlewoods is now. As a very little girl I was convinced they kept the cows behind the shop and I was very worried about them when the little boy I played with told me that Littlewoods (then where All Things Nice now is) had a slaughter house!
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