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Author Topic: A shop that does not open when I wish to shop might as well not be there…  (Read 4110 times)

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The Hibbert lane site is fit for purpose.

I think people may grow tired of this, Duke!  But as you are going over old ground yet again, I suppose I'll have to do the same ....    ::)

I guess we've just got to choose who to believe.  One the one hand, the college's expensive consultants, Turner & Townsend, Bond Bryant, and Walsingham Planning, have developed for the college an accommodation strategy.  As part of that, using tried and tested methods such as space occupancy analysis, and benchmarking of heating, lighting and maintenance costs against other comparable organisations in their databases, the consultants have advised that Hibbert Lane is an inefficient building, and that the college would both save money and improve the facilities by consolidating on to the Buxton Lane site.

On the other hand, we have a guy who drives along Hibbert Lane on his way home from work, and who believes that he therefore knows better


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I have to agree with the OP. Today I went to Iceland just after 5.30pm only to find it was closed. I was even more surprised to find they don't open til 9.30am! There must be plenty of parents who who like to pop in after dropping their kids off to school. I also don't see why they can't open til at least 6pm!


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I thought it was interesting to see the comments made about the Co-op and trader opening times but was saddened to see politics on Yes or No taking over yet again a thread discussing a legitimate subject.

For years I have had to put up with the poor service and stocking within the Co-op. I would hate to calculate just how much money I've spent in a store that quite frankly I consider to be an advert for just how not to run a retail operation. Personally, I would never shop there again if I could help it and shop on-line or from outside the area (supported jobs for other regions rather than Marple) whenever possible.

It would be interesting to know just what buildings and car park space is actually owned by the company, rather than just perceiving the detail.

My understanding was that the Co-op bought Hanbury's to stop any other competition from opening, which has ensured that a key retail opportunity has remained pretty much empty since and become a 'blot' on Marple centre. Does anyone actually know just what they own or lease?
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