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Clothing charity : SOS Clothes Limited. Scam?


Here's a really good site with lots of advice about charity bags, scams and the best ways to give your unwanted items to charities: http://www.charitybags.org.uk/

Further to this topic, I have received the following information today from SMBC's Environmental Health and Trading Standards Licensing Officer Emma Dickson:

Good Morning,
I am aware  of the Marple Community Forum and I would appreciate if you could post a message on my behalf please.
I would like to advise residents of Marple of some unlawful charity bag collections currently taking place.
The first is a Green and White Bag with GT Recycling Solutions claiming to support the James Hopkins Trust. These bags have appeared over the last couple of days and the collections are scheduled for today. This is an unlawful collection and has not been consented by the Local Authority.
The second is Manacare Foundation which are pink and white bags. This is also an unlawful collection.  This collection is due to take place on Monday.
Both Charities and their commercial collectors have been advised not to collect. I would advise all residents not to put out bags for door to door collections unless they are satisfied that these are legitimate collections. It may be that the Charity itself is a registered charity however commercial collectors are carrying out the collection in the Charities name and the Charity receive very little benefit from the Collection. If residents are in doubt, please take your unwanted to clothing to your nearest Charity shop.
If anyone would like to check if a Charity Collector is authorised they can contact the Licensing Dept on 0161 474 4311.
Thank you
Emma Dickson
Licensing Officer
Licensing Department
Environmental Health and Trading Standards

Phone: 0161 474 3261

I agree - we had three bags this week!!  It is very little trouble to take things to the local shops, or one can wait for a bag from a reliable charity (e.g. Home Farm Trust, etc).

Maybe someone needs to tell the charity company's we have good charity shops in Marple. I've received 5 charity bags this year already  ??? I'm thinking of collecting them all and sending them back at the end of the year in a charity bag  ;)

The folks at profit-making company SOS Clothes Limited (http://www.sosclotheslimited.com) are dropping flyers through doors in the Marple area again this week, asking for unwanted clothes for them to sell.  In return they make a contribution to a charity.

Be wary of giving them anything, there's been some bad press about them.

* http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/local-west-yorkshire-news/2008/07/25/clothes-collection-is-business-not-charity-86081-21402060/
* http://www.clothingcollectionscams.co.uk/sos-clothing-ltd/
* http://www.dwfisher.com/watching/2009/12/charity-bag-collection-scam-al-1.html
* http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?p=24466177
Marple has some perfectly good (and worthy) charity shops instead.


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