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Re: Marple Naturalists [1st Wednesday each month]
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MARPLE NATURALISTS PROGRAMME: 2020-2021 is our 52nd season

Join us at our monthly meetings during Covid 19 restrictions on ZOOM Guest speakers are often experts & are always enthusiasts in their field, eager to share their wildlife experiences both in the U.K. & world wide.

Autumn-Winter 2020

2 September: Jane Michael: Wildlife of costa Rica: Jane’s lively and entertaining talk covered many aspects of the wlldlife of Costa Rica.

7 October: Dr Michael Leech: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? We welcome Dr Leach, a full time wildlife author and photographer who has worked on more than more than 100 television wildlife programmes and written a number of books. This talk is on the timber wolf of the Great Northern Forest in which he explores their complex social world, subtle behaviour and powerful family bonds.

4 November: Professor Terry Callagahan: The rapidly changing Arctic, what it means to the rest of the world: We are delighted to welcome Prof. Terry Callaghan, who started as an arctic plant ecologist in 1967. Over 48 years, he has worked in every arctic country and has been in the field during each of 46 years. His work has been widely acclaimed and he is the recipient of a number of awards. For example in 2007 he was one of the lead authors for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, leading to the award of the Nobel Peace Prize jointly to the IPCC and to Al Gore. In 2017, after 50 years of Arctic research, Terry Callaghan was awarded the International Arctic Science Committee Medal for ‘outstanding contributions to international Arctic science collaboration’. We look forward to a most stimulating and important talk.

2 December: Member’s Talks: Derek Clifford on The Wren; Jane Michael on The Burren (Co Clare, W. of Ireland)

Winter - Summer 2021

6 January: Ryan Lloyd: Giving Nature a Home at Dove Stone: Ryan is Assistant Warden who started at Dove Stones 5 years ago as a volunteer, moving through being an intern, project officer and now a permanent member of staff. His talk will include a look back at the partnership from 2010 to the present day highlighting the challenges and successes and then a look forward to the next ten years and how they are proposing to take Dove Stone further using a natural processes led approach to managing an upland site.

3 February: Heather James: Teardrop Island - Flora and Fauna of Sri Lanka: We welcome back Heather James for what we know will be a well- illustrated and very informative talk on the flora and Fauna of Sri Lanka.

3 March: Tanya & Edmund Hoare: Swifts and Conservation: Just in time to get ready for the return of these fascinating birds for their summer stay in the UK, Tanya and Edmund Hoare, Swift enthusiasts and part of the national and international Swift network, will be our speakers tonight. They have a colony of Swifts nesting in the eaves of their cottage and the talk will include video clips of many aspects of Swift behaviour, the latest research on their remarkable migration and what can be done to halt their decline.

7 April: A.G.M and Members Talks: After the AGM Neil Charman will follow with a talk on the topical subject of Beavers.

5 May: Chris Monk: The Vanishing Viper: The adder is the most widespread of the British snakes but until recently its ecology has been poorly understood. The talk will also detail where it is found and the threats that are causing its recent decline. " I will be explaining the recent findings of research and surveys, detailing the Derbyshire surveys, long term survey data in pub-lished research papers, the results of radio tracking, recent public en-gagement projects and the threat of wildlife disease both to the adder and also other reptile species”.

2 June: Eric Stead: East of the Wallace Line: In 1858 Alfred Russell Wallace co-authored a scientific paper with Darwin, outlining the theory of evolution by natu-ral selection. How did Wallace come to his idea independently of Dar-win? Eric’s talk uses personal photos of examples of fauna and some flora from trips to Asia and Australasia, to examine the differences ei-ther side of the imaginary Wallace line.

July and August: Due to Covid 19 No Summer walks can be planned at this time.

Membership: Annual subscription £15.  Children under 16 free. Non Members may join in Zoom meetings.  A donation would be welcome.  Please contact Derek or Jane for a login.

For more information please contact Derek Clifford on 0161 427 4611 or Jane Michael on 07917 434598 or go to The Naturalists at the Marple Website:

Or follow us on Facebook:


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Marple Naturalists [1st Wednesday each month]
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This thread contains the latest programme for Marple Naturalists.