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Author Topic: Marple Naturalists [1st Wednesday each month]  (Read 16445 times)

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Re: Marple Naturalists [1st Wednesday each month]
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MARPLE NATURALISTS PROGRAMME: 2019-2020 is our 51st season

Join us at our monthly meetings at the Marple United Reformed Church. Guest speakers are often experts and are always enthusiasts in their field, eager to share their wildlife experiences both in the U.K. and world wide.

Autumn-Winter 2019

4 September: Eric Stead: Journey through Tropical and Sub Tropical America: We are very pleased to have Eric Stead as our first speaker this season. His talk is about a hypothetical journey through the tropical and subtropical regions of south, central and North America using his personal photographs and experience of the region. He will show the different ecosystems in the region, along with examples of the flora and fauna, in what will be an entertaining talk.

2 October:  George Pilkington: Birds and Bees: George Pilkington successfully integrates being an ecologist, environmental educationist, researcher and inventor. George has concentrated on researching the nesting behaviour of wild bumblebees and wild cavity nesting solitary bees, gaining insights into increasing the wild bee populations and species in his garden and the wider countryside. His talk describes the way garden birds make their nests, court their females, how some bees are ousting birds from completed nests and the courtship of bees! It promises to be very enjoyable!

6 November: Gordon Yates: A Taste of Islay: Gordon Yates is returning this year to talk about the beautiful Isle of Islay, an island he knows well, having studied the wildlife there for many years. We look forward to seeing some of his excellent photographs, taken with care and great patience, accompanied by his well- observed and knowledgeable commentary.

4 December: Christmas Party, Quiz, and Member’s Talks, to be announced later.

Winter - Summer 2020

8 January: Russell Hedley: Wildflowers of Lancashire: Russell Hedley has been working in education for over a decade and has a love and passion for wildlife that stretches as far back as he can remember. He leads the events at Nature Talks and Walks and hopes to aid conservation efforts by making the natural world accessible to one and all. He is therefore very well qualified to introduce us to the glorious wildflowers in our surrounding area and we know from his previous, very well received visit that this will be both interesting and engaging.

5 February: Dr Hugh Jones: Australia and the Great Barrier Reef: Dr Hugh Jones has given a number of well researched and informative talks to our members over recent years and we are very pleased that he is able to return to give us an illustrated account of a trip to Heron Island, a coral island on the Great Barrier Reef, with side trips to Victoria and Queensland.

4 March: AGM and Member’s Talks, to be announced later.

1 April: Tanya & Edmund Hoare: Swifts and Conservation: Just in time to get ready for the return of these fascinating birds for their summer stay in the UK, Tanya & Edmund Hoare, Swift enthusiasts and part of the national and international Swift network, will be our speakers tonight. They have a colony of Swifts nesting in the eaves of their cottage and the talk will include video clips of many aspects of Swift behaviour, the latest research on their remarkable migration and what can be done to halt their decline.

6 May: Dave Brotton: Large mammals in five continents: Dave Brotton is a wildlife photographer who visited us last year to give an excellent talk about wildlife on his doorstep. As Dave has also travelled extensively we are delighted that he is coming back tonight , to speak about and illustrate with his own photographs, large mammals including tigers, jaguars and whales across different parts of the world such as India, Kenya and Brazil.

3 June: Professor Terry Callaghan: The rapidly changing Arctic, what it means to the rest of the world: We are delighted to welcome Professor Terry Callaghan, who started as an arctic plant ecologist in 1967. Over 48 years, he has worked in every arctic country and has been in the field during each of 46 years. His work has been widely acclaimed and he is the recipient of a number of awards. For example in 2007 he was one of the lead authors for the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, leading to the award of the Nobel Peace Prize jointly to the IPCC and to Al Gore. In 2017, after 50 years of Arctic research, Terry Callaghan was awarded the International Arctic Science Committee Medal for ‘outstanding contributions to international Arctic science collaboration’. We look forward to a most stimulating and important talk.

July: Summer wildlife walk

August: Summer wildlife walk

Membership: Annual subscription £30.00 Non Members welcome: £4.00 per meeting Free for children under 16 years.

For more information please contact Derek Clifford on 0161 427 4611 or Jane Michael on 07917 434598 or go to The Naturalists at the Marple Website:

Or follow us on Facebook:


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Marple Naturalists [1st Wednesday each month]
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This thread contains the latest programme for Marple Naturalists.