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The staff at Julian Wadden are getting real excited about the Treasure Hunt tomorrow. Look at all that GOLD!
A huge thank you to JW for organising this for the park and to volunteer Diane Jackson for all her hard work contacting our fabulous sponsors!

Local Issues / Marple Athletic JFC Beanies help Marple Skatepark!
« Last post by admin on Today at 07:01:25 AM »
We've just received a payment via the Friends of the Park Local Giving page of £50 raised by Marple Athletic JFC for the Skatepark Project, thank you!

The club raised the money by selling Marple Athletic JFC Beanie Hats with £1 from each sale going to the project. Brilliant idea, well done @Lee

Monster Stink! Holiday Club at Marple Methodist Church this summer, should be a great week. Only £1 per day!
Runs from 1st to 5th August, followed by Monsters Stink! Holiday Club Service on Sunday 7th August.
If you're interested in your child joining us for the week, email marpleholidayclub@gmail.com for a registration form!

Miscellaneous / As I Remember-Memories of Local People
« Last post by MLHS on Yesterday at 07:20:52 PM »
Oral memories of Marple and surrounding areas were recorded, organised and presided over by Mrs Gladys Swindells, then Chairman of Marple Antiquarian Society (now the Marple Local History Society). The original interviews took place after 1961, by which time the interviewees were over 80 years of age, so that their memories go back to the late 19th. century.
Thanks must be given to Bill Beard, Ruth Hargreaves and Louise Thistleton for transcribing the memory recordings. Given the quality of these recordings, from the early 60's, with local accents and forgotten colloquialisms, an admirable achievement.
Two memory transcrpits, of the series, are now on the Marple Local History Society website..
from Mr. Lenthal'ls memories...
We lived in Marple Lodge until 1898 but there was a period of 18 months when we had to leave because at 3.0’clock in the morning on Christmas Eve 1893, or perhaps 1894, when we were turned out of the house on account of a landslide. The whole of the embankment fell down and just missed the house and they were expecting a further fall. We went right up to Station Road in Marple to Beech Mount and were taken in by friends, the Heighways at the time. I remember the day after the landslide I was sent to stay with friends of the family in Chapel-en-le-Frith and went past the landslide on the other side of the track. The rails on the up line were standing bare in the air at the time so it wasn’t a very happy place to be in. There was no further fall and it was eventually built up. I should say, in connection with that, that there was a family of six of us, six children and my father and mother . It was rather a do as to be taken in and we were treated very kindly. That’s all I remember of that.

From Mrs. Rowbottom' memories...
From being a little girl I remember going to Compstall. My grandfather was Mr Sherwin and he was the manager of the Mill (below) and lived at a house call Poplar Grove. We used to be quite excited going there because he had a coachman and carriage. He had an orchard and we used to love having the fruit from the orchard. It was a very nice house with a lovely, large dining room because he had a big family you know, 13 children, and a large lounge, morning room and large kitchen. The drawing room was always a great interest to me as a little girl. My aunts were three maiden ladies and they had all sorts of beautiful things in Compstall Milltheir drawing room so it was quite exciting for a little child like me. My grandfather died in the year 1887, the year of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee. We children were not allowed to go in the procession or go to the fields after the procession for tea and buns because Grandfather Sherwin died at that time.
Local Issues / Re: 92-94 Church Lane Development
« Last post by ringi on May 25, 2016, 06:51:00 PM »
It would be nice if there was some 1 bed room and studio flats rather then all 2 bed, however I expect the requirement to provide a parking space for each flat stopped that, so not allowing cheaper flats to be built.
Buy, Sell, Want, Help and Freebies in Marple / Dremel 3000 or 4000 Grinder
« Last post by admin on May 25, 2016, 02:02:41 PM »
Has anyone out there got one of these Dremel type grinders that I could borrow to do a job for the park please?
Events / Re: Family Treasure Hunt in Marple Memorial Park [Saturday 28 May 2016]
« Last post by admin on May 25, 2016, 12:56:49 PM »
We're very please to receive another Raffle Prize for the Treasure Hunt on Saturday from Yvonne Gillon, thank you!

Yvonne Gillon: https://twitter.com/yvonnegillon
Local Issues / Re: 92-94 Church Lane Development
« Last post by admin on May 25, 2016, 12:08:45 PM »
The plot would become even better if the garage site could be purchased too. Residential, retail or a maybe even a combination.

If I was a neighbour of the site I'd probably prefer residential. Be interesting to know how neighbours feel.
Local Issues / Re: 92-94 Church Lane Development
« Last post by mikes on May 25, 2016, 11:31:21 AM »
make a good site for a small, good quality supermarket..


Yes, perfect place for a Waitrose
Local Issues / Re: 92-94 Church Lane Development
« Last post by tricky on May 25, 2016, 10:49:30 AM »
make a good site for a small, good quality supermarket..

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