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Recommended Pubs & Restaurants / Re: Angkor Soul
« Last post by admin on Today at 12:27:45 PM »
After a second delightful lunchtime trip to Angkor Soul and talking to several other Friends of the Park volunteers who had enjoyed their own visits too, we decided to have a group meal there for our belated Christmas celebration. Twenty-one of us went on Tuesday night, when the restaurant is normally closed, and had the whole place to ourselves. It was the best social event that the group has had in more than 10 years, the food was unusual and delicious, the restaurant rearranged to suit our needs and the staff efficient and attentive. It was also extremely good value for such good quality food, working out at only £14.50 per head on average (for food only - we paid for drinks as we went).

The owner was very helpful with the organising of this, sending us menus to distribute so we could all choose in advance, opening on a night they are normally closed and rearranging the tables.

I'm sure that many of our volunteers will be returning in smaller numbers following this great night, we certainly will!

Emailed SMBC yesterday afternoon about the additional fly tipping at Wood Lane. Later in the afternoon I received a phone call from the council thanking me for reporting it and advising me that the rubbish had been removed. They are examining the dumped items and apparently are following up several leads. I am aware that the original fly tipping had already been reported, so I am not claiming that the items were removed in response to my email.
Local Crime and Disturbance Log / Re: Arkwright road robbery?
« Last post by Russ on Today at 10:54:24 AM »
Most victims just get a crime number over the phone, good to see somebody getting the personal touch.
Local Crime and Disturbance Log / Arkwright road robbery?
« Last post by Russ on Today at 10:38:19 AM »
Passing along Arkwright road on Thursday 11am, Police van outside a house with their front door boarded up.
If that's the case, great but (I'm not in any way criticising these individuals, especially Patrick) but I've dealt with Ian Roberts and Patrick McCormack recently and both seem to have paid jobs on the council and being councillors.

Over in Manchester, Dick Leese seems to be in a highly remunerated job in the council and a councillor.
personally, I don't think elected councillors should be getting jobs on the council, it stinks of jobs for the boys.

@Duke Fame to which jobs do you refer? As I understand it, If you are employed by the local authority, you cannot stand as a Councillor. Any Councillors subsequently employed by the Local Authority outside of their Councillr duties, must resign as a Councillor. Councillors run the Executive, so not sure if these are the "jobs" you refer to.
We all have those Duke,

In fact following your own postings over the years, I think that you have a skeleton full of them.

I personally am not against political  'unknowns,' I didn't say that I was, although I am against political  'unknowings,' which is what we appear to have.  What I was challenging was the political judgement of a party which  is facing extinction in fielding an 'unknown unknowing' and expecting us to vote for them.

Furthermore, I don't know what I've said to give you the impression that Labour is my party, the last time I supported them in any way, Thatcher was Prime Minister..

As for having 'socialist ideals'  as a young person for a short time, well that's natural, I guess. But we are not talking about second year students, are we? We are talking here about 60 years plus men who have held political office for umpteen years. Surely you can see the difference.

I think I've said before, what I would like to see, at least locally in Marple, are some independent councillors who are not bound by party whips and who above all else would have the interests of Marple and not the interests of their party at the forefront of their minds. Surely you would support that too, instead of the same ole, same ole.       

I agree, id prefer to see Indy's standing or at least the 'ratepayers type groups standing.

the problem with local authorities and uk local government is its all become too big. I'd like to see someone take the council piece by piece and dismantle it. look at every job, every councillor and decide if they are really needed. Do we really need 8 people responsible for Stockport town centre yet none are remunerated on how successful the town is? do we really need a cycling officer? do we need all those staff? do we need all those buildings? why are so many council employees so inept?

personally, I don't think elected councillors should be getting jobs on the council, it stinks of jobs for the boys.
Sorry Geoff,

I'm having technical difficulties...we have yet to know what Malcolm's political knowledge is.

Malcolm has told us that he plays cricket and was involved with the brownies and something about some council run charity. All very commendable, what exactly was this charity and what exactly does Malcolm do these days?


Thanks for your kind comments – I’m not the least bit offended about the name mix up.
You asked about my experience. I can tell you about my involvement in local Government, although I can add I worked in Central Government in various posts in my early career which included writing briefs and parliamentary answers for ministers, but this wasn’t party political, as Civil Servants were “apolitical” always.
My involvement in local government started in the area where my work was based in Rochdale. I got involved via my Company in economic development and was asked by the Council to do various things arising from that. I was on the Development Agency Board that attracted new investment into Middleton which revitalised the town centre, including building the Middleton Arena. We were also working on the Rochdale Town Centre as a major project which has now come to fruition.
I developed what was regarded as an innovative childcare scheme with the Council and that lead to me being involved in what was the Children’s’ Partnership and eventually became the Children’s’ Trust. This was the “Children’s Schools and Families” area that came under the Local and National Government Department of the same name. I chaired the Trust from formation and at one stage our Trust was consulted by the Government of the day as one of 6 which were regarded as doing something well which was different. At the time I was the only Independent Chair in the Country. The Trust was a body made up of Councillors of all parties, Council Officers, Social Services, Head teachers, Police, NHS and the voluntary sector. 
The charity work you refer to was another role where Rochdale were successful in a bid for £2.7m of lottery funding for an architectural and heritage project focussed on restoring the buildings of local architect Edgar Wood, a key figure in the Arts and Crafts movement. This Board which I chair is again made up of local councillors, community and business representatives. We have tangible evidence for our work and have attracted a large number of visitors to the area by linking with other heritage attractions.
I was also the Chair of the Rochdale Council Remuneration Panel and a member from its inception when local government was re-organised into its “cabinet” or “executive” system. All Councils set up independent panels to review what councillors were paid as an allowance and all other related areas such as use of IT equipment and so on. The work we did involved surveying councillors directly on their activities and how they spent their time. We did this in a paper survey but also by talking to councillors. The Panel took formal representations from the Party Leaders in the Council. We developed our own formula for this which we re-examined over the years. We presented our recommendations back to the Party leaders and these went to Council for decisions. This gave me what I feel was a very good insight into the work of Local Councillors, and the workings of council bodies.
None of this was experience as a Councillor but as has been said already, everyone starts with no experience. I think I’ve got some relevant background that gives me a better start.   
I recently stopped full time work and hence my keenness to get involved in the area where I live.
Local Issues / Re: Traffic Congestion in Marple
« Last post by admin on Today at 06:56:43 AM »
Related to this and other threads on the forum about parking at Marple Station, there is an on-line survey being conducted about parking around the Marple Bridge area.

Some of our users may wish to contribute to this:
If there are 2 fridges still on the canal bank then they should really be removed as they are very environmentally unfriendly.

Maybe a  good test of the "new" system to put in a new fly-tipping report and see what happens?
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