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May 2016 Local Elections & Council Matters / Re: EU Referendum
« Last post by barndoor on Today at 10:23:05 PM »
Isn't all this discussion about the result of the vote a waste of time? Like the visitors to Hotel California, the UK was never going to be allowed to leave. All of the current arguments that are vigorously being played out on mainstream media is all a smoke screen to make us plebs think there are some incredibly detailed and fractious discussions being played out behind closed doors.

There aren't.

We're going to remain in the EU whether we like it or not.

And in the meantime people's perception of an undemocratic, mendacious, money-grabbing behemoth is being deliberately modified: from feelings of cynicism and distrust, and active dislike by some, to apoplectic rage and utter despondency at the prospect that the UK might soon be independent from it. Just read the comments in the Guardian.

And here's what they want to remain a part of. Look folks, EU democracy in action!

The irony is that this has been gleefully posted by a clearly brainwashed Remainer who's put it on Instagram to show that there's hope (yes, hope!) that the results of previous referenda show that the UK decision might yet be overturned. Bless her, she and her equally enthusiastic but myopic chums are clearly incapable of seeing the irony that posting evidence of previous results being ignored or 'made to vote again' actually showcases the EU's contempt for the democratic process.
May 2016 Local Elections & Council Matters / Re: EU Referendum
« Last post by Condate on Today at 10:10:47 PM »
I realise that Condate.  I was thinking more of people like this guy: 

I don't know who you voted for in the General Election, but I can guarantee that whoever it was, some of the others who voted the same way would be a severe embarassment to the candidate. It's always the way.

May 2016 Local Elections & Council Matters / Re: EU Referendum
« Last post by Dave on Today at 08:04:33 PM »
set up by the TV company to make their point.

Really?  And the England fans in France this weekend?  The ones shouting 'If you all hate Muslims, clap your hands'.  Were they a put-up job as well? 
May 2016 Local Elections & Council Matters / Re: EU Referendum
« Last post by tigerman on Today at 06:46:23 PM »

Incidentally, I gather Boris Johnson's article in today's Telegraph, though I have not yet seen it, suggests that if Johnson becomes PM he will seek to ensure that the UK joins the single market by becoming a member of the European Economic Area. If that happens, we will still be subject to EU law, and there will still be free movement of EU citizens in and out of the UK. 

I wonder what some of the people who voted Leave will say when they find out that there will be no change to EU immigration.........
He implies in essence that UK citizens will be able to travel, work ,etc in Europe as now, but "the same rights would not be automatically extended to EU citizens in the UK" 

What planet is that man living on?  Aaargh!
May 2016 Local Elections & Council Matters / Re: EU Referendum
« Last post by red666bear on Today at 06:25:46 PM »
For most of us, that's fine. Immigration simply wasn't the issue.
Of course it was for a lot of people.
You try and live in Australia when your trade is kebab shop worker or taxi driver etc...
Events / Re: Marie Curie "Blooming Great Tea Party" Appeal Now On!!
« Last post by red666bear on Today at 06:21:10 PM »
Wow, let's copy Macmillan big coffee morning!
Thanks everyone. I'll give them a ring tomorrow.
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I meant to say look no further!!!!!.

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Err I actually meant look no further!
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