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A special offer from Stockport Stagecoach

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 on: Today at 07:43:37 AM 
Started by woodnotes - Last post by Dave
If it persists you could report it to the Environmental Health people at Stockport Council via this form:

 on: Today at 07:42:46 AM 
Started by admin - Last post by admin
Thank you to The Bell at The Ring o' Bells for renewing your banner advert and sponsorship of The Marple Website and Virtual History Tour for another year.

The Bell at the Ring o' Bells

Here's a direct link to The Bell's web site:

The Ring o' Bells site:

Facebook page:

 on: Yesterday at 05:41:02 PM 
Started by woodnotes - Last post by barndoor
woodnotes -

There have been a couple of noise-at-night-related posts in the Marple area that you may find useful:


 on: Yesterday at 04:13:55 PM 
Started by ROTHERS - Last post by ROTHERS
Looking to have my driveway dug up, tarmac with block paved edging.
Any recommendations ?



 on: Yesterday at 01:32:13 PM 
Started by amazon - Last post by Deniseam
We went to this circus whilst on holiday.  Very enjoyable.

 on: Yesterday at 12:59:31 PM 
Started by Lisa Oldham - Last post by Lisa Oldham
Being cheeky and reminding people about this. Smiley 

 on: Yesterday at 12:53:59 PM 
Started by I am the Walrus - Last post by Lisa Oldham
Crikey Its got active here since I put a post on ages ago! Smiley

I absolutely hate NUHOPE. When kids stop getting notes home about good work and get notes congratulating them on not having detentions there is something very wrong.

However... it was a regime introduced by a particularly badly chosen(in my opinion) and incredibly unpopular head teacher who has thankfully gone.

The new head was a deputy then but I don't think we can presume it was a regime he supported wholeheartedly!  Since becoming head the regime in my opinion is not as strict, some teachers as before over do it, others, as before, totally ignore, generally it seems more relaxed.  I think it will disappear or be overhauled in the next year or so.

Going on what kids think, the new head is someone they respect and is popular with kids and staff alike. He needs time to get stuck in.  I've recently seen how well hes dealt with a situation where very amusing but disrespectful pictures depicting MH teachers were posted on the internet.  He and his team showed great professionalism, excellent balance and sense of humour but also discipline in dealing with that situation.  As a result the kids involved were punished but accepted that punishment with grace and the staff gained great respect as a result.  I think we  give it time.

I find him approachable and friendly, as are all the deputy head and the current management team. This is not how I felt 3 years ago so I'd suggest if anyone has worries about their children and NUHOPE then call and discuss.  There is not just teaching staff at the school but a large array of support services for children internal and external that can help kids with all sorts of issues.

 on: Yesterday at 10:24:21 AM 
Started by gazwhite - Last post by gazwhite
We got sorted with a great family from Marple.

Thanks for the tip though :-)

 on: Yesterday at 10:21:31 AM 
Started by woodnotes - Last post by woodnotes
Hi there, first post on here.

We live on Mill Green in Strines and have been experiencing a low frequency humming noise reverberating throughout the house since Saturday April 12th.  It's a deep and incredibly irritating drone that never stops and is leading to anxiety and a complete lack of sleep.  Especially noticeable in the evening and at night.  Yesterday (19th) it was particularly loud.

We know it's not coming from our house - with electricity turned off in the house the noise continues and neighbours 50m away are experiencing the very same issue.

It sounds like it's possibly coming from local industry. Perhaps a very large ventilation fan somewhere.

Is anyone else experiencing this and any ideas what could be causing it?  Any suggestions on what to do?  It's causing a lot of stress here so hopefully it will go as quickly as it came.  Thanks!

 on: April 19, 2014, 11:58:44 PM 
Started by gazwhite - Last post by My login is Henrietta
We are looking for a new home for our lovely poodle, 5 years old, male, white, playful and very loving, it's with great sadness that we have come to this decision. We are expecting a new baby in the next few weeks and feel that we can't give him the attention needs. He can no longer have as much freedom/space around the house. Would suit older person looking for companion or family with older children.

Please call 07402802714 if you think you can help.
If you Google "poodle rescue" you will find a number of organisations re-homing poodles. This is probably your best bet to ensure your dog is re-homed by people who can be trusted to find the right family for him who won't abandon him when they have a new toy to play with.

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