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Miscellaneous / Re: Jobs for school leaver
« Last post by marpleexile on Today at 04:53:21 PM »
The problem is many places (not all but most) won't take those under 16 or with no experience at all.

This will be his biggest problem initially. The company I work for do not employ under 16s full stop, and won't employ under 18s in certain roles.

The bar on under 16s is because of the extra rules and regs (and common sense things) that you have to do if you employ children.

Miscellaneous / Re: Jobs for school leaver
« Last post by JMC on Today at 01:07:18 PM »
Hello all,

I would very kindly appreciate if you could advise me of any suitable positions for my son, who is currently 15 and seeking employment within any position.

Many thanks in advance for your help  :)

hi Rachel,

I have two teenagers that work part time locally but it was quite tough to find something suitable. Number one thing that helped was voluntary work- both got their jobs on the strength of this. The Cancer research shop takes this age group. Also he could help with Scouts etc or the Memorial Park group etc. The problem is many places (not all but most) won't take those under 16 or with no experience at all.

Also, if he could drop his CV at local cafes & businesses, that worked for my daughter- she heard a few months later & got a really good post. The other one replied to a note on the door of a cafe. Worth keeping an eye out for this. Once he is 16, it will be easier and he can apply online to places like Boots for weekend and seasonal work, also Mcdonalds & Dominos. Good luck.
Local Issues / Re: Marple WWI Timeline display in Marple Memorial Park
« Last post by admin on Today at 06:45:06 AM »
Friends of Marple Memorial Park's WWI Timeline Tribute display in the park has been updated with information about Charles Slater, the fourteenth man from Marple to die during WWI.

A young man with his life in front of him, Charles was concerned about being wounded in the face and spoiling his good looks. So it's ironic that after several near misses on his way to the front he would die of rifle wounds to his face and neck once he arrived in the trenches. Charles was 19 years old and worked at the Goyt Mill before enlisting.

The display is fixed to the railings in front of Hollins House in the park. It starts on the far left with an A4 poster explaining what's happening and an information card about Charles Slater has now been added. Cards about the remaining men will be added progressively over the next 4-5 years on the 100th Anniversaries of their recorded dates of death.

You can read more about this on the Friends of the Park web site in the WWI Heritage section:

You can also follow the Timeline on Twitter and on Face Book
Events / Re: Marple Locks Festival / Marple 150 [1-11 July 2015]
« Last post by admin on Today at 06:31:37 AM »
The first of Arthur Procter's photos of the Marple 150 celebrations are now uploaded to a new Marple 150 / Locks Festival album on the Virtual History Tour:

Monthly Events / Marple Local History Society Programme 2015/16
« Last post by MLHS on Yesterday at 08:49:52 PM »
Marple Local History Society Programme for 2015/16

     21st September 2015: -  Bernard Dennis – History of the English Longbow

    19th October: - Donald Reid – Along the Packhorse Trails

    16th November: -  Ian Morison – The Story of Jodrell Bank

    14th December: - Norman Redhead – Marple Lime Kilns

    18th January 2016: - Judith Wilshaw – Compstall Retrospective

    15th February: - Mike Nevell – Housing in 19C Manchester

    21st March:-  Sian Jones – Whitworth Park History & Excavations

    18th April: -  AGM & Michael Lambert - Brentwood

Venue and Location
The meetings take place in Marple Methodist Church on Church Lane in Marple.  Postcode: SK6 7AY
Doors open 7:15pm ready for the meeting at 7:45. Access is via the main entrance on Church Lane (opposite Mount Drive) and the meetings will be held in the church itself on the ground floor.

The annual subscription for the Society is £10 for 8 meetings. This also allows participation in the Society's trips.

more information can be found on the MLHS website:
Play Area / Re: How do I Post YouTube clips to messages
« Last post by admin on Yesterday at 08:02:47 PM »
Go to the video on Youtube, copy the link to share then paste it in your message like this:

One thing that may catch you out is that if you preview your post you will only see the link, not the video. You must actually post it for it to work.

This is all I've pasted but without the square brackets: []

I think I've also pasted the videos you wanted in your earlier post @marplerambler
Play Area / How do I Post YouTube clips to messages
« Last post by marplerambler on Yesterday at 04:35:26 PM »
Dear Webmaster,

I am having no success pasting YouTube clips to my messages. the clips I have attempted to post are from Facebook and are entitled
'People are going absolutely crazy for this clip of an MP attacking Iain Duncan Smith'  from by Siraz Datoo

and also

'Glenda Jackson launches tirade against Thatcher in tribute debate' by Barnet Bugle' put onto Facebook on 10 April 2013.

Can you help?

Steve Slater/marplerambler

Miscellaneous / Re: The Year Without Summer
« Last post by marplerambler on Yesterday at 04:10:20 PM »
You Tube Glenda Jacksons House of Commons comments to Iain Duncan Smith

You Tube Glenda Jackson's comments to the House of Commons re the contribution of Margaret Thatcher to Britain:

Miscellaneous / Re: The Year Without Summer
« Last post by marplerambler on Yesterday at 01:00:54 PM »
It is astonishing sometimes that the most unlikely coincidences can occur. What is the connection between the current appalling cut in NHS mental health services in some parts of the country and the Hogarth painting brought to our attention in the ‘Give us back our Eleven Days’ painting: the link is tenuous but nevertheless sadly approropriate.

Mention Hogarth and one cannot fail to remember Glenda Jackson’s deeply perceptive analysis of Margaret Thatcher’s period in government in Jackson’s contribution to Thatcher obituary speeches to the Commons on 10th April 2013.

"Thatcherism wreaked the most heinous, social, economic and spiritual damage upon this country"… "It’s a pity she did not start building more and more social houses after she entered into the right to buy, so perhaps there would have been fewer homeless people than there were"... "During her era London became a city Hogarth would have recognised"…(re treatment of people suffering metal health problems) “We were told it was going to be called Care in the Community. What in effect it was was no care at all in the community"…"Everything I had been taught to regard as a vice - and I still regard them as vices - under Thatcherism was in fact a virtue"…"If we go back to the heyday of that era I think we will see replicated again the extraordinary human damage that we as a nation have suffered from”… "People knowing under those (Thatcher) years the price of everything and the value of nothing"…"I’m beginning to see possibly the re-emergence of that total traducing of what I regard as being the basis of the spiritual nature of this country, where we do care about society, where we do believe in communities, where we do not leave people to walk by on the other side"…"If we go back to the heyday of that era I think we will see replicated again the extraordinary human damage that we as a nation have suffered from”…"A woman (Thatcher) not on my terms".

And the link? Just a few days ago on 30th June 2015 was Glenda Jackson’s brilliant parliamentary speech in response to Ian Duncan Smith’s attempts to deny the sick entitlement to ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) , the current government’s attempt to destroy the National Health Service and strip those suffering from illness of the fundamental human rights of food and shelter. Ian Duncan Smith faced her with the impassivity of the Duke of Wellington abhorring those who managed to survive the Battle of Waterloo. If you voted Conservative for Marple at the last election do you have the courage to watch Jackson’s speech? One thing that has not changed in 200 years has been the Conservative Party’s lack of compassion for those who suffer illness and disability.

If you can attach YouTube clips of the Jackson speeches of 10th April 2013 and  30.06.2015, I would be most grateful.
Miscellaneous / Re: The Year Without Summer
« Last post by Condate on Yesterday at 10:17:38 AM »
Granted. I did assume @marplerambler was talking about the Kingdom of Great Britain so he was correct in his recollection of the year when the reform was implemented by Rome. The Julian/Gregorian reform took a long time to spread throughout the world which is why Great Britain lost eleven days instead of the ten days lost in 1582. The Russia used it until the 1917 revolution which is why the anniversary of the Great October Revolution takes place in November and the Russian ORthodox Church still uses it for their liturgical events.

The Inland Revenue still uses the Julian calendar. The GB change to the Gregorian calendar also changed the start of the year to 1st January, but the Inland Revenue keeps to the old start of year of 25th March and also keeps the Julian calendar, hence the Tax year starting on April 6th

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