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Local Issues / Re: SIGNS BENCHES
« Last post by admin on Today at 09:32:44 PM »
Yes @amazon, we use The Sign Maker:

The ones we usually have are laser engraved stainless steel.
Local Issues / SIGNS BENCHES
« Last post by amazon on Today at 09:11:29 PM »
I now ive asked before and you told me but could you please refresh my memory who supplies you signs for your benches .i will right it down this time

thanks mark .
Plenty -
1     Marple and Hyde have nothing to connect them other than the Picadilly to Rose Hill railway.  Marple and Hazel Grove are more easily accessible one to the other and have more in common  If Marple has to change put it in Derbyshire.
2  Black bins become smelly when collected every two weeks, with three weeks it would be worse, and, heaven forfend, if you are away the week the black bin is collected you might have to wait six weeks - surely there is a public and environmental health issue here.  I have relatives in the London Borough of Richmond, their rubbish collection is just that, rubbish.  Please leave ours alone.

3 I accept that housing is needed, but it must be the right kind, not expensive executive estates like the one on the site of the old primary school off Dale Road, if the infrastructure is adequate and there is enough by way of trees and open spaces included, I think it would be hard to object on planning grounds, as I understand them.

3 burning issues have come up
- proposed new constituency for 2018 - Marple and Hyde
- suggestion by Labour in Stockport we should go to 3-weekly black bin collections
- and the big one: planners propose allowing development in High Lane green belt  of 4,000 ploys to accommodate our (genuine) housing need by 2035.

Comments anyone?
Local Issues / Re: Refurbishment of Town Centre Benches
« Last post by admin on Today at 05:41:32 PM »
A productive day on Town Centre Benches as we push hard to finished while the sun shines!

Ardek Ltd bench reassembly completed, final treatment next:

Munday family sponsored bench 1st stage reassembly completed:

Carver Theatre sponsored bench 1st strip down and painting complete:

SVC Lighting & Electrical bench given final treatment and now awaits fitting of plaque:

Wetton family bench given final treatment and now awaits fitting of plaque too:

The Carrver Theatre bench is the last one we're going to do this year as we do not yet have a sponsor for the one near Neal's Greengrocers.
Recommended Businesses & Services / Re: Wood burning stoves
« Last post by mikes on Today at 04:22:45 PM »
Has anyone used Woodside Stoves?

Personally I wouldn't touch any firm that does not provide full contact details on their website, instead of just a phone number.  You have already been given three good local firms so why go to one apparently based in the Salford area?
Monthly Events / Quiz and Karaoke last Friday of every Month
« Last post by jarvo8 on Today at 03:32:11 PM »

We will be holding a quiz and Karaoke evening on the last Fri of each month at Marple Con Club doors 8-00 pm. The quiz will be held part way through the evening with the opportunity to win prizes decided on the night, Karaoke starts at 8-00 pm until midnight so if you want to come along and sing a few songs or do the quiz please call in Non Members most welcome . We have a large variety of draught and bottled ales and lagers at great prices compred to pubs . For more details please message me or ring Phil on 07749743118 thanks
Buy, Sell, Want, Help and Freebies in Marple / Key found
« Last post by Deniseam on Today at 01:22:30 PM »
I have key on a key ring found on De Wint Avenue.  It looks like a house key.  Contact me via this website if you think it is yours and then we can private message with a description of the key ring.  Thanks.
Recommended Businesses & Services / Re: Wood burning stoves
« Last post by Deniseam on Today at 01:19:24 PM »
Has anyone used Woodside Stoves?
Recommended Pubs & Restaurants / Re: Sushi Bar
« Last post by barndoor on Yesterday at 06:54:50 PM »
Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed our visit to the sushi cafĂ© in Marple.  All four of us had different meals and really enjoyed them.  My partner, who is a regular at Wagamamas at Media City, said that his bowl of chicken ramen was as good as that served at Wagamamas.  The cafe owners were very friendly and helpful.

Thanks for this Deniseam. In fact, Mrs barndoor and I called in last Saturday. We shared a vegetarian starter before getting stuck into a seafood platter (Mrs bd) and beef with noodles (me). All three meals were very good. And I will second the friendliness of the staff: very welcoming and friendly. We'll certainly be paying a return visit.
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