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Traits that I would rather not see in a candidate:-
Trying to get ahead by slagging off the other candidates rather than promoting their own virtues

Am I expecting too much?

I'm afraid so.  But we have a prime minister who thinks it's OK to publicly label the leader of the opposition 'despicable and weak', so why should local candidates behave any better?
As far as Nationals are concerned this year, I like to think that I started off with a completely open mind.

All the candidates were new (only one has experience of front line politics and that's at local level) so in a sense the contest lent itself to fairness. It also has the potential to be one of the most equal contests that there has been in HG for many a year, with parties that previously wouldn't have gained a look- in, now having an unprecedented opportunity and also all candidates having as close to a blank sheet as any of them they ever will.

There is still  time yet but so far I've neither seen nor heard very much (if anything at all) from Darren or Michael or anybody belonging to them. I've had no leaflets, no phone calls and I've not seen either of them in the flesh. In fact if it wasn't for this website, I wouldn't know what either of them  looked like.Though I have to say I haven't been to any political meetings. So have Ukip and Labour given up already?

Nor have I seen one single poster from Darren or Michael. I've seen one from William and several from Lisa although I suspect the recent/current weather may have something to do with that. 

Posters aside  If I contrast the rest of it, with Lisa and William the opposite is true. I have been bombarded with LibDem leaflets (far too many) and have had a steady delivery of Conservative literature. I've personally seen William Wragg all over the place, in fact I'm beginning to think that he's following me. If you are reading this William that's good. I've also seen Lisa around, in fact she was In Maple Centre on Saturday with Councillors Kev and Sue, and that's good as well. 

I have some reservations about Lisa's background and the LibDems portrayal of it. I also have some reservations about William's record on the Council but neither of these are conclusive in any way and in both cases are is little more than speculation and hearsay on the part of others, who reading between the lines, have obvious partisan interests.

We'll see what a couple of weeks brings forth.     

Local Issues / Re: All Things Nice Expanding?
« Last post by admin on Today at 05:25:42 AM »
Alan "the Paint" Kennington and Terry are due to retire on Saturday 4 April.

Arthur has been down to take some photos for posterity and Kennington's will become part of Marple's history, which seems a good enough reason to upload the pair to the Virtual History Tour.

Very best wishes to them both for a long and happy retirement!

William Wragg is rather easier to pin down, as being a councillor means that he has to declare any and all interests.  You can find them all here:-

Those with time on their hands may care to trawl through the webcasts from Stockport's council meetings in search of pronouncements from Mr.Wragg. Alternatively, you could take my word for it that he has not had very much to say.

He is undoubtably a local chap through and through, and is even a governor of his old primary school. He is not currently employed as a teacher, his expenses being met by the local Conservative party (this is declared in the register of member's interests).

As the previous poster has pointed out, he's not very likely to win, but he does at least look like he's not hiding anything.

Unless another candidate's lack of candour were to catch up with them of course.....
Lisa Smart will almost certainly be our next MP. In the unlikely event that she loses, we will never hear from her again.
Local Issues / Re: Canal Towpath Closure - Strines to Brickbridge Road
« Last post by prestbury on Yesterday at 08:20:25 PM »
I think you will find they will be draining a section of the canal somewhere between bridges 19 (Brick bridge) and 22 (TurfLea Bridge), dependant on where the local 'plug' is. Obviously the canal will be closed for navigation during this time.
Sorry, Wheels, if I mislead you.

I didn't mean to say that Sir Andrew Stunnell lives or has lived at the address of his former party headquarters.

I was inviting others to make the same inference from the information that I do, namely that Lisa Smart does not appear to have permanently taken up residence in the constituency, but has merely registered a flat used by her party as her address for the purposes of the electoral roll.  In the event of her losing this election, how long could we expect her to remain a as a "local resident"?
I would have thought most people who want to know where Stunell lives and its not on Compstall.   In the same way the Leader of the Council is advised to give her address as Town Hall Stockport honestly she does not live there.  Do we really need to know where people live.  Are they in some way misleading for taking this advice.
I'm still sitting on the fence, but.....

For my part, I would like the electorate to return a hard-working MP who will represent his or her constituents and not just their own personal interests. The ideal candidate would be honest, have some real-world workplace experience outside of politics and the public sector, and have a genuine interest in improving the country in general and Hazel Grove constituency in particular. A good dollop of altruism, tempered by practical experience.

Where they come from doesn't matter to me, as long as they can convince me that they will do a good job.

Traits that I would rather not see in a candidate:-
1) Disingenuous election literature
2) Trying to get ahead by slagging off the other candidates rather than promoting their own virtues

Am I expecting too much?
Weekly Events / Re: New Quiz Night in Marple every Tuesday
« Last post by jarvo8 on Yesterday at 05:07:09 PM »

The quiz is now back on from Tueday 31st March 8-30pm start £1 per person max teams of 6 sandwiches at half time NON MEMBERS WELCOME
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