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Dave's explanation makes sense, as his posts often do.

I would also like to support Hoffnung's reflection of the drains on Brabyns/Station Rd. Although not on foot I often travel up and down that hill, have done for many years. When it rains the drains overflow, they have been like that for 3 years at least, exactly as Hoffnung suggests. Dave infers that the council have probably stopped maintaining them because of the cost and he is probably right. Drains though are a fundamental and if we don't maintain them we know what happens.

Hoffnung can speak for him/herself but I took his main point to be the poor political representation that now exists in Marple. Hence why we have such drains and other such fundamental neglect.
I have long been a Lib Dem supporter but have become disillusioned with them of late. If an independent candidate were to present themselves at the next local election, then I would probably support them.

It is though hard to visualise one appearing and even harder to visualise them having any impact against the Tory/Lib Dem monopoly that exists in Marple.   
Local Issues / Re: Deterioration of Public Realm and our local councillors
« Last post by Dave on Today at 01:00:27 PM »
Our public realm is deteriorating for sure and I don't think that it has much to do with money. As Dave says, it isn't asking much to keep our parks in order.

Although I tend to agree with some of what Hoffnung writes, I think I need to explain my point about the modest cost of maintaining, upgrading or replacing childrens playground equipment -swings, roundabouts etc, and to explain why that is relatively 'cheap' compared with the cost of cleaning out blocked drains.

I'm no accountant, but I do know that local authority (and other organisations') spending comes in two broad categories: recurrent expenditure and capital expenditure.  Recurrent expenditure, as its name implies, happens continuously, and is accounted for within the financial year in which it occurs.  That includes all staff costs, of course.

Capital expenditure, on the other hand, such as investment in land or buildings or other assets which have a value, is accounted for over a number of years - at least five, and often more, depending on how long it is expected to last and retain value.

So if installing new swings were to cost, say £5,000, that cost would be accounted for over perhaps ten years, at £500 per year.  So it's cheap in terms of its impact on any one year's accounts. 

But clearing drains isn't capital spending, it's pay costs - you need staff to do it, and then keep doing it over and over again.  But local authorities have been shedding staff at a huge rate over the past five years, as cumulative government cuts of about 40% have continued to bite.  That's the main reaosn why the drains are overflowing!     
Hello Amazon,

Thank you for your vote of civic confidence, even though I think that you gave it tongue-in-cheek. Even if you were serious, for a variety of reasons I would be most unsuitable to stand for that role. So I am not the answer.


Whilst as admin quite rightly says, the Station Rd/Brabyns gullies were only a small example to illustrate my point, I will respond to your assertion. You obviously do not walk regularly up/down those two roads as I do, otherwise you would not make such erroneous claims about ..."3/4 weeks." Those gullies have been in that state of malfunction now for at 3/4 YEARS, NOT WEEKS! I personally have reported them to the Council and so have others but the situation remains and when it rains heavily the road floods in a way that it never has before - those gullies need fixing - simple as that. As for your question about how many drains do I think there are in Stockport ?  I don't know and I don't care,for the purpose of my post I am only interested in those in Brabyns, Brabyns is local  and that's my point.

Simone is right, your post does read like an apology from the Council, perhaps you work for them, perhaps you have responsibility for the drains? 

As for Councillors getting ...'more votes than other candidates...' you are of course correct, and this is democracy. We should though also ponder upon candidates themselves. At the Lib Dem hustings for Marple North,(where I live) in 2014, the sole nominee could not even attend his own hustings because of 'work commitments.' In fact he sent his own wife along to deliver his speech, it was farcical. Normally such an absence, would have demonstrated such a blatant lack of commitment and interest that he would have been disqualified. Despite their search there was no other candidate, he was the sole applicant, so he was nodded through. Being a Lib Dem he won the election and is now one of our Councillors.

For years the Tories were so short of candidates for Marple that they fielded anybody that was prepared to stand, no matter what their credentials were. Many of these candidates had no connection to Stockport let alone Marple, they were just paper candidates. After the Marple election this year, one successful Tory Councillor announced that because of work commitments he couldn't attend his own surgery, which is every six weeks and for two hours on a Saturday morning. Now there is commitment for you.


The points that you make about Councillors and jobs are well made. I have no first hand experience of being a Councillor  and I'm guessing that you haven't either. I do though have 2 relatives and 1 friend  who are/have been recent serving Councillors. All three of them say that it is now virtually impossible to reconcile the duties of a serving Councillor with a regular 9 to 5 job.

Your point about Councillor's and their parties is interesting. I would like to see more independent Councillors who didn't have to forsake their own wards to tow the party line.

With this in mind how do we in Marple break the stranglehold the Lib Dems/ Tories have over Marple, any ideas?   

Manchester Coach Rambles Group Marple Link / Tightrope Walk at Malham
« Last post by marplerambler on Yesterday at 10:34:32 PM »
Manchester Coach Rambles Group Walk 22nd November 2015

Tightrope Walk at Malham.

Our first Sunday of freezing temperatures may have been late coming but there was no escaping wind chill temperatures of below freezing in the biting cold which cut through the multiple layers of Manchester Coach Rambles walkers at Malham on Sunday. The B party climbed from Airton and my Garmin etrek informed me the chill pushed the B party up the 800 foot climb to Weets Top at an average speed of three miles an hour – not bad for a ‘moderate’ grade walk but our lunch break just after the summit was to be brief due to the cold wind. We managed to find a wall to shelter us from the bitter wind when we took our lunch but we did linger for long.

The sun shone but still the wind blew as we rose onto the limestone plateau of High Stony Bank and visibility was terrific as we watched the cloud gradually rise and saw distant views of Pendle Hill.

By the time we reached Malham Tarn a bright sun shone, the wind subsided and we were rewarded with wonderful late-autumnal colours at the Tarn.

Descent via the limestone pavement above Malham Cove is always a terrific walk but we were to receive an undreamt of reward when we arrived to view Malham Cove from above -   two highwires 300 feet above the River Aire flowing from the base of Malham Cove, one being crossed by a male, the other with by a female highwire walker, each attached by a harness. With no horizon pole for balance the wire bounced a little with each step. Occasionally the highwire walker would fall: if the wire was between the legs, he or she would use the elasticity of the wire to begin to bounce and then suddenly jump from being astride to being upright on the wire, allow the bouncing movement to subside and then continue. If the fall was from the wire, the length of cord to the harness meant that the highwire was out of reach and again the bouncing enabled first a jump to grab the wire, then a jump to land horizontally on the wire and finally a jump to become upright! The barefoot highwire walkers would unexpectedly pirouette on the wire to change direction and cause our hearts to miss a beat!

One member of the group sat out of sight – she couldn’t watch! Quite a few people walked across the famous limestone pavement above the Cove totally unaware of the drama taking place above the cliff edge.

The final reward was a delightful sunset and dusk as we descended to Malham.

Next Coach trip Sunday 6th December to Castleton: see  for more details.
Local Issues / Re: Deterioration of Public Realm and our local councillors
« Last post by admin on Yesterday at 07:42:09 PM »
Most drain blockage would have occurred over the past 3/4 weeks.

It's only a small aspect of this thread but (lack of) cleaning of drains in Marple has been a serious problem of neglect for at least a couple of years. There are drains in Marple, like the one on Hibbert Lane near the college, that have been reported to the council over and over again because the roads flood whenever there is a good downpour but they have done nothing about them - or they have tried and failed, which is much the same thing in my book.
Local Issues / Re: Deterioration of Public Realm and our local councillors
« Last post by Condate on Yesterday at 06:49:14 PM »
It is good that councillors have full time jobs. That's the general idea. Councillors are supposed to be ordinary members of the public who give up some of their spare time to sit on the council and use their experience to the benefit of the borough. I'd much rather have a councillor with a proper job than a professional politician.

Obviously, having a full time job doesn't automatically make someone a good councillor and neither does being a professional politician of itself make someone a bad councillor. What I would like to see though are more councillors who are not members of any political party. That could certainly improve things, although it's not a guarantee of good local government.
You sound like an apologist for the council Franz.

I think Hoffnung makes some good points. The reference that you make to the drain blockage in para 2 of your apology on the Council's behalf proves his/her point exactly.

Local Issues / Re: Council plans to demise Mill Brow playground
« Last post by Franz on Yesterday at 06:29:15 PM »
This 'lets all blame Labour' is getting a little out of hand.

The quote in Andy's post is not as it was stated in my original post. However, perhaps I should have said "It all dates back to the decision of Geoff Hoon in 1995, at which time he was Minister of State to the Lord Chancellor's department, to authorise CFAs. This meant that potential plaintiffs no longer had to satisfy the LAA that there was a realistic chance of success in the proceedings but, instead, had to satisfy a solicitor that there was a good chance of getting some cash from insurers which was a very different matter. There can be no doubt that the "claims culture" stems from that decision."
Local Issues / Re: Deterioration of Public Realm and our local councillors
« Last post by Franz on Yesterday at 06:00:49 PM »
If it takes so little to keep our parks in order then go and do it, others do.

Most drain blockage would have occurred over the past 3/4 weeks. I wonder how many drains there are in Stockport? 1000, 5000? I have no idea but I don't suppose the teams responsible for clearance head straight to Brabyn's Brow as the top priority in the Metropolitan Borough

Reference was made to The "clash" between Councillor's Blair and Candler at the last council meeting which was on 21st October. If that refers to their Q and A session under item 4b then it was incredibly bland, so bland that I wonder if there was another exchange which I have missed. In fact the whole meeting seemed to be conducted in quite a jolly atmosphere.

In the 1970s I was a college governor appointed to represent the interests of industry and commerce which, between them, accounted for 80% of the students and paid a similar proportion of the fees. The behaviour of the political appointees was pitiful, nothing but continuous bickering.

As far as councillors in full time employment are concerned, they are there because they got more votes than other candidates. Perhaps we should hand elections over to U3A whose members do not, by definition, have full time employment

Local Issues / Re: Deterioration of Public Realm and our local councillors
« Last post by amazon on Yesterday at 02:20:13 PM »

Thank you,

To all whom supported my introduction to this website.

Our public realm is deteriorating for sure and I don't think that it has much to do with money. As Dave says, it isn't asking much to keep our parks in order.

There are numerous examples of this disorder. Here's one, I've just walked up from Marple Bridge to Marple. It was raining heavily, water was cascading down the road and I got drenched by the splash back from the passing traffic, it was unavoidable. Every other gully in the road was blocked. That's not lack of money, that's just lack of interest.

The political representation of Marple within the council is the worst that it has been.

We've got two Councillors who are fully occupied and distracted being Executive Members and to make it even worse, both of them are standing down before the next election. We've got another two who are brand new, one of these rookies has a full time job. We've got another who also has a full time job and apparently we've got one who has been in Oldham all week, helping his party with the forthcoming by-election.

As well as this, there is also the party politicking, which we are now getting, which only serves to be divisive. Don't take my word for this watch Cllrs Candler and Blair's clash at the last Council Meeting. Next year we will have even two more brand new Councillors and if the prospective Lib Dem candidates are successful then both these Councillors will have full time jobs. 

It is all a bit of a mess. What we need is some on the ground undistracted, focussed,  representation by committed Councillors who will speak up for and get things done in Marple.     

Austerity is going to be around for a while. We can't just blame the deterioration of our Public Realm on that for the next ten years. 

A new thread split from "Council Plans to remove "full time" staffing of Memorial Park". Admin.     
Why dont you put up at the next election .and get things moving .
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